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Increase Email Deliverability + Prevent Landing in Spam

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Sending emails and cold emailing potential customers is an important part of every business. To prevent your emails from landing in the Promotions or Spam folder of your recipient, you will need to follow a few of these simple practices to increase your email deliverability.

How to Increase Email Deliverability

So I am assuming you have purchased your domain already and create your first email address (if not, I suggest using Google Workspace with the $6/mo G Suite emailing option — so easy to use and they include DKIM and SPF records automatically).

PRO TIP: If you plan on cold emailing 20+ people per day, purchase and email from a similar domain (i.e. I will email from to ensure as our main website doesn’t get blacklisted for spamming issues).

Navigate to your website hosting provider. For example, one of our clients uses

Navigate to the DNS Zone Editor page under the Domain settings section of your web hosting provider.

#1 – Add a DMARC Record

Under the “Create New Record” section on the DNS Zone Editor page:

  • Select the TXT option for a New Record.

  • Paste in the Name: _dmarc

  • Set the TTL to 1 hour.

  • Paste in the Value: v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; pct=90; sp=none

#2 – Add a SPF Record

If your web host doesn’t already include a TXT “SPF” record (the value will start with “v=spf1“), then you can add one manually. Most web hosts do, but if not…

Under the “Create New Record” section on the DNS Zone Editor page:

  • Select the TXT option for a New Record.

  • Leave the Name field empty (or type in “@” if something is required).

  • Set the TTL to 1 hour.

  • Paste in the Value: v=spf1 include: mx a ~all

#3 – Add a MX Record

Only if you are using Google Workspace (G Suite), you will need to change your MX records. Navigate to Google and find your specific web host MX records:

Under the “Create New Record” section on the DNS Zone Editor page:

  • Delete existing MX records.

  • Add the new MX records (based on your web host from the Google link above).

Warm Up Your Email Account

Brand new domains and new email addresses have a high spam and low open rate. To remedy this, you need to WARM-UP your email account. This just means sending, receiving, and opening emails with people you know and trust (no COLD EMAILING yet… this is how to get a domain blacklisted by Google!)

We suggest the following services:

  1. Warmup Inbox – https://www.coursenvy/com/warmup – $9/mo

  2. Lemwarm Email Warmup – – $39/mo

You should run one of these email warm-up services for at least 30 days before you start cold emailing your potential customers.


  • Lemwarm — Number of warm-up emails per day after ramp-up = 30 Lemwarm — Ramp-up increment value per day = 1

  • Warmup Inbox — MAX SENDS PER DAY = 30 Warmup Inbox — INCREASE PER DAY = 1

Here is a fantastic resource on the entire email warm-up process:

After 30 days of warming up the email address, you will be good to go with that email account and be ready to begin cold emailing! Pause/cancel your warmup service provider. Try to not send over 100 cold emails per day to avoid blacklisting your domain.

Check your domain/email blacklist status at:

PRO TIP: Make sure every email you send is to a VERIFIED email address so it doesn’t bounce and hurt your domain. I verify email addresses with this free service:

Continue Learning

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