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HubSpot Academy - Cold Emailing New Clients

The Complete Guide to Cold Emailing New Clients

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HubSpot CRM is a popular name among the CRM software currently available in the market. It’s a sharp tool for inbound marketing that lets you penetrate through the odds of establishing and succeeding in a business.

Now read our HubSpot Academy version of our Complete Guide to Cold Emailing New Clients

Learn every detail about HubSpot CRM and the pros or cons of using it via our HubSpot review. Moreover, you’ll better understand how you can funnel drive your most potential customers towards your business and enhance the conversion rate with HubSpot CRM.

Table of Contents

1. What is HubSpot?

2. Various HubSpot Software

3. What is HubSpot CRM? – The Complete Guide

4. Using HubSpot CRM in 2022

5. HubSpot CRM Free Features

6. HubSpot CRM Tools

7. HubSpot Website Grader

8. HubSpot Integrations

9. HubSpot Pricing

10. HubSpot Email Marketing

11. HubSpot vs. Salesforce

12. HubSpot Mirror Review – Pros and Cons – The Decider

13. HubSpot Customer Reviews

14. Summary

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a whole stack of multiple growth-oriented software for your business that is designed to accelerate your performance among your competitors in the tightly jammed roads. The many performance booster software incorporated in HubSpot are:

  • CRM

  • Marketing Hub

  • Sales Hub

  • CMS Hub

  • Service Hub

In the dynamically growing era where a high percentage of goods and products are being traded online, HubSpot is an intelligent platform for businesses to hold a firm grip on crucial areas like Digital Marketing and Lead Nurture. Excellent performance in the mentioned areas implies straight towards a good sales figure, which is what HubSpot is actually meant for.

Various HubSpot Softwares

  • HubSpot CRM

It provides everything you need to manage, track, and nurture your relationship with your valuable leads who are potential customers. And to your surprise, it’s 100% free forever. Yes, you read it right.

  • Marketing Hub

Help you pull more traffic and convert visitors into customers with powerful tools like Landing Pages, Analytics, Automation, and a lot more.

  • Sales Hub

It lets you close deals faster, automate a no. of tasks, and put detailed insight reports. Such a time saver!

  • Service Hub

The customer service tool provides a medium to connect with your customers and offer them exceptional services to enhance your business.

What is HubSpot CRM? – The Complete Guide

HubSpot has grown into a significant collection of multiple software that is actually made to extend your market reach, and HubSpot CRM is one among them.

In straightforward definition, HubSpot CRM is a great Customer Relationship Management Software that acts as a team of intelligent employees for your company. It is a great tool meant to empower your business by promoting productive conversations with the customers and thereby strengthening your relationship with them.

Customers define the success of a company at the core. For companies that plan to run their business with customer-centered marketing strategies, CRM software is the most potent tool to construct concrete relations with the target customers.

Is Using HubSpot CRM Worth a Try in 2022?

You might be skeptical about using HubSpot. But why not use free software that offers numerous features.

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s FREE at:

HubSpot CRM is a free tool not for a month but for an infinite amount of time. So, there is no point in not using a great CRM tool that has been ranked top by the users.

Though HubSpot CRM offers many add-on features that it charges for, the free version is enough to kick start using CRM for your business. Users can immediately start using the software to enter contact information and generate leads.

HubSpot CRM is preferred among the other free CRM tools as the best pick with plenty of features and great functionality that leaves the rest in terms of value. So you’ve read the term free many times now.

HubSpot CRM Free Features

  • The exciting HubSpot CRM Free is an incredible tool to manage the sales part of your business. The incorporated features include options to connect with customers through ways like Email Tracking, Prospect Tracking, Live Chat for scheduling meetings.

  • Its pipeline management feature shows your leads on the top, and from the dashboard, you can access the entire sales option.

  • Another incredible HubSpot CRM Free feature allows you to store a million contact details along with their records. Record calls, messages, and schedule tasks all at one place with HubSpot Free CRM. More features include automatic publication of Emails and Sales Notes.

  • For marketers, free live chatbot feature to engage with customers in real-time. Several well-designed EMail templates are also available for premium customer service.

  • Offers powerful customer service features that include a Live Chat option to provide instant solutions to customers’ problems. Also, manage your email conversations in a structured manner.

  • Provides a user-friendly tool for Operation Manager, your Sales, and Marketing Team with more than 200 integrations available for your connection.

So till now, HubSpot CRM might appear to you as an intelligent platform for companies and individuals that want to come above the threshold of survival and run a successful business with profitable revenue figures.

But pay attention! More exciting features and advantages of HubSpot CRM are yet to be discovered in the following part of this review.

HubSpot CRM Tools

The most significant advantage that has a green impact on the review meter for HubSpot is its numerous feature offerings for no cost.

A high level of business management requires a well-drawn matrix of Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, and operations management. A good CRM tool can make it possible in a highly efficient way, and HubSpot CRM comes on the top of the list of CRM tools with a tag of zero cost.

The HubSpot CRM offers the following tools:

Marketing Tools

The Marketing Tools of HubSpot CRM system let you use the following features:

  • Email Marketing

  • Ad retargeting.

  • Landing pages to attract customers.

  • Marketing Reporting Dashboard to keep track of Marketing.

  • Creation of customers’ property.

  • Forms to get the opinions

  • Ad management.

  • Shared inbox.

  • Team Email.

  • Contact List Segmentation

  • Mobile Optimization.

  • Messenger Integration.

  • HubSpot mobile app.

  • Email health reporting.

  • Email reply tracking.

  • Marketing event objects.

Sales Tools

Features of Sales Tools of HubSpot CRM:

  • Meeting scheduling.

  • Live Chat and conversational bots.

  • Email scheduling.

  • Email templates for effective conversation.

  • Deal pipeline dashboard

  • Email tracking.

  • Sales Reporting Dashboard.

  • Team Email.

  • Notification.

  • Quotes.

  • Canned Snippets.

  • Marketing event objects.

  • HubSpot mobile app.

  • Calling.

  • Reporting Dashboard.

  • Documents.

  • Creation of customer properties.

  • Messenger integration.

  • 1 to 1 email.

  • Email reply tracking.

  • Email health reports.

Service Tools

The following features are incorporated with the service tools of HubSpot CRM:

  • Reports for tickets closed and time to close tickets.

  • Email templates, especially for customer support.

  • Conversational bots and live chat for 24/7 customer services and help customers with any query.

  • Productivity report on the customer support team.

  • Email scheduling.

  • Team email.

  • Canned Snippets.

  • Feature of ticketing.

  • Ticket pipeline.

  • 1 to 1 email.

  • Reporting dashboard.

  • Shared inbox.

  • Email reply tracking.

  • Email tracking.

  • Email health reports.

Operational Tools

The Operational Tools of HubSpot CRM provide the following functional features:

  • Synchronization of data and synchronization of past interaction of customers with your company or website.

  • App marketplace integration.

  • Contact management.

  • Management of company’s data.

  • Storing the information regarding deals.

  • Tasks and activities.

  • Email reply tracking.

  • Email health reporting

  • Marketing events object.

  • Company insight.

The Surprise!

All the features mentioned above that come with the different HubSpot CRM tools are FREE. Yes, they’re free at:

To access more additional features of HubSpot, you are required to upgrade to the premium version of HubSpot that is offered at monthly subscriptions rates. The different HubSpot plans are mentioned below.

HubSpot Website Grader

The HubSpot Marketing Strategy involves a precise calculation of various website parameters for outstanding results. It is where HubSpot Website Grader comes into action.

Running marketing campaigns requires you to create a website with a solid base to obtain good results. A website that is ineffective from a marketing perspective won’t create a difference.

HubSpot Website Grader is a free online marketing and SEO tool that is designed to give companies a comprehensive overview of the inbound marketing score by evaluating the marketing effectiveness of a website.

To provide reliable information regarding the marketing effectiveness of a website, website grader takes into account the website traffic, social media, the blogosphere and other inbound marketing factors.

HubSpot Integrations

The reason that HubSpot is gaining immense popularity from small businesses to enterprises lies in its successful integrations. With a long list of more than 200 integrations, HubSpot has become the favorite pick for people putting more interest in the latest technology to run their ideas as a successful business.

Available HubSpot Integrations:

  • HubSpot Ecommerce Integration

The integration has made it easy for the users to connect HubSpot with your online shop. You can smoothly integrate HubSpot with Shopify to automate abandoned cart campaigns, post-purchase campaigns, and cross-sell email series.

You can also integrate HubSpot with Stripe to update your CRM with purchase information from consumers.

  • HubSpot Email Integrations

It allows you to log all the email conversations to your HubSpot CRM. Sales templates are also accessible from the inbox.

  • HubSpot Event Integrations

If you use Eventbrite or GoToWebinar, you can integrate HubSpot to the platforms and manage the contact list of those who registered for the event.

  • HubSpot Conference/Calling Software Integrations

HubSpot smoothly integrates with Zoom and UberConference. Start meetings or calls within the HubSpot CRM and get the details recorded automatically in the CRM.

  • HubSpot Social Media Marketing Integrations

HubSpot provides countless social media marketing integrations, including platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With these integrations, you can schedule posts before time and manage several promotional activities in a super-efficient manner.

Get insights about your audience and take advantage of understanding your customers in a better way.

HubSpot Pricing

Along with the free version of HubSpot, it is available to the users with more features in 3 different monthly plans.

Click this link to find the current HubSpot Pricing for its different plans.

HubSpot CRM Review Status – Pending

It still might be too early to crown HubSpot CRM as the best CRM tool. Before we move on to the conclusion, let us find how HubSpot CRM can infuse more benefits to your business.

But before that, find how compatible HubSpot is for Email Marketing.

HubSpot Email Marketing

For those who think that email marketing doesn’t form a part of modern business promotional techniques, it isn’t dead yet.

It is an outstanding way to reach out to your target audience with personalized messages. It’s a great way to help you build strong and meaningful relations with your customers.

Advantages Using HubSpot Email Marketing

  • Design branded emails without any designing experience

You can design high-end, professional-looking branded emails using HubSpot without calling any graphic designer to the scene.

Design emails that appear highly responsive to the customers, conveying your brand message straight to your customers. This way, you can add more customers to your sales account and intelligently raise the conversion figures.

HubSpot platform makes it exceptionally easy for the users to email marketing campaigns by providing the drag and drop feature to create emails. You can create visually stunning templates in HubSpot’s intuitive email editor that offers a great user-friendly experience and makes it accessible for everyone to execute rewarding email marketing campaigns.

  • Allows you to create personalized emails.

Every business wants to target customers with emails that are opened by them that further leads to conversion with a high probability. You can add unique content to every email to send to your subscribers in your contact database.

The unique contact database on HubSpot shows you a complete life cycle of your subscriber and other crucial information about each one of them. From scheduling emails to sending the most relevant content to every subscriber, HubSpot lets you do everything with smooth functionality.

  • Optimize email marketing campaigns with A/B Testing and Analytics

Don’t throw darts in the dark. With HubSpot, you can get valuable insights from your email campaigns via analytics and A/B test your email efforts.

When you use HubSpot for email marketing, you get the benefits of analyzing the performance of your email subject lines, the content of your emails, and finding which CTA (Call to Action) is grabbing more attention from your users.

What Else?

HubSpot CRM makes you the management boss by keeping track of the return on marketing expenses to closed sales.

It magnifies the scope for putting your fingers on the in-depth details. It informs you about who is engaging with your emails, the time of engagement, device used, and their browsing history and usage through your website.

HubSpot CRM allows you to dig even deeper into the data if you wish. You can find out who is engaging with your emails, at what time, what device they are using, and also their browsing history and their activity on your whole website.

These are enough sources provided by HubSpot where you can get credible information about your email marketing campaigns and make strategized changes to improve your conversion rate and raise the number of customers for your business.

HubSpot Vs. Salesforce

The growing competitive market is bringing more reliable choices for startup companies and established businesses to market and sell their unique products or services. Businesses require the use of CRM tools, and the options available to the users make it difficult for the users to make a choice.

Like HubSpot, Salesforce is also a popular CRM software. It gets a tough call for users to choose between the two. Here’s a detailed comparison table of HubSpot and Salesforce to make it a bit easier for you.

Key Features:


Deal pipeline

Team management

Custom reporting

Personalize email sequences

Calling, meeting, and scheduling

Email templates

Smart send times

T1:1 video creation

Live chat with customers

Configure products, price


Track goals

24×7 Support


Lead management

Web-to-lead capture

Lead assignment and routing

Duplicate blocking

Mass email

Email templates

Campaign management

Rule-based lead scoring

Opportunity management

Are you thinking about how a tool can be so good that it doesn’t have any cons?

You are right; there are a few things to not like about HubSpot but not too much to drop the plan of using it.

HubSpot Mirror Review – Pros and Cons – The Decider

Now that you have a deep understanding of what HubSpot is and how you can use it as a great CRM tool let us try to interpret the actual value of the software in practical use by knowing its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Using HubSpot


  • Easy to Use Interface

HubSpot is not a complex marketing tool but offers a user-friendly interface that can be operated by even those who are using a CRM tool for the first time.

  • Connectivity

HubSpot is not just a CRM tool. It’s a well-designed system that lets you use the Marketing, Sales, and Services Hub together, or you can use them independently.

The direct connection available in HubSpot to link the CRM with the sales, marketing, or services enables you to skip the tech Hurdled Path and accelerates your sales performance.

  • Pipeline Tracking

An organized platform is maybe the best term to define HubSpot. It allows you to access the entire sales pipeline through the dashboard. With its finely organized features, you can create reports, sort deals, and track your performance.

By doing this, you can analyze the performance of your sales team using the available tool and build it more efficiently to clock more conversions.

  • Activity Log

HubSpot is your activity log. It tracks your interactions with consumers and saves all the information in the database in a structured manner. This way, it lets you keep a record for each contact and analyze what’s working.

HubSpot’s huge stack of information offers you enhanced space to customize and personalize your engagement that provides value to the customers.

  • Resource Library

HubSpot provides an immense stack of knowledge and gives you access to its library full of courses, certifications, live training, quick answers, and video lessons covering a wide array of topics in one place.

Fresh content is added to the platform frequently.

  • Flexible Pricing

HubSpot Pricing is tailored in3 different programs other than the free version. According to your business requirements, choose the free version or upgrade it to exercise more premium features of HubSpot.


  • Reporting

HubSpot’s reporting tools are referred to as providing a low value of information compared to the price you pay for the premium versions.

  • Additional Onboarding Fee

Along with the regular monthly fees, HubSpot charges you an extra onboarding fee that depends on the plan you choose.

Onboarding fees

Basic – $600

Pro – $3000

Enterprise – $5000

  • Requires Complex Configurations

Though called a great automated marketing tool, it does require a series of complex setups to work correctly. You need to define the workflow before starting to use HubSpot.

Using HubSpot without performing proper configurations is a total waste of money.

  • Tricky to use

Undoubtedly, HubSpot runs with an easy-to-use interface, but it gets tricky to perform everything right. And all the automated features offered by HubSpot require some percentage of your efforts, like setting the email frequency or cleaning the database to remove junk leads.

  • Less Flexible

HubSpot CRM might fail to deliver to companies with a complex sales process.

What are the users saying about HubSpot?

HubSpot Customer Reviews

Read the following reviews by HubSpot users available on Trustpilot about how it helped them build strong marketing fundamentals and boost sales from the very initial start of their business.

“HubSpot easiest to use out of the box I was introduced with the free email services and lower tier CRM, and decided to invest in further services. To this point, I’ve tried a couple of different CRMs and this one is the easiest out of the box. It took some training to get up to speed but their knowledge articles are pretty straightforward, and there’s a lot of it out there. I like the drag and drop features of the email templates, as I’m not an experienced coder. Just have to get better at reporting and I think it will be a home run.”

“HubSpot is a very powerful CRM / solution to manage your leads. When looking at a solution when I created my company, i looked at many options and HubSpot was the best I found. It’s intuitive, easy to use and they have great plans for start ups, which enable you to start with a friendly budget. As you grow, you can add features easily. In addition, they have amazing tips, tutorials, videos that help you find solutions for your needs and use the platform.”

“Love this product. Their features just work and do exactly what they advertise e.g. chat bot and how easily we can enable it on any page of our website with a custom workflow, that is just awesome. Also, their customer service is fantastic and nimble in ways they handle requests! Hope these guys don’t change their culture at all!”

“HubSpot helped our company to become a leader! We use HubSpot’s CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service tools and are more than happy with it. It supported us in rough times and helped us grow when we decided to go all in with a whole new strategic approach to survive the pandemic. Great to improve productivity, team communication, marketing-to-sales-handover proccesses, and a lot more. Friendly and competent costumer support with just the right mix of chatbot and quickly available personal counseling.”

Sales Funnel vs Sales Flywheel

We use a sales funnel when discussing our Google and Facebook ads in our Coursenvy courses. At the top of the funnel, we are attracting a “COLD” audience to click our ads. This is the AWARENESS step. We do this typically by offering a solution to their problem with our product or service. Provide quality content that adds value to your potential customer.

The next step is to work them down the funnel to CONSIDERATION. The user doesn’t know our brand and they need to review our offerings, testimonials, etc. This is your time to NURTURE this lead, get them to know you and your brand. Provide more value and tailored content.

Finally, we need to re-engage and retarget this “WARM” audience to close the sale. This is the third and final CONVERSION step of the sales funnel. Get them to CHOOSE you! Offer free trials/demos if they are still hesitant.

What is the Sales Flywheel?

The marketing software company HubSpot prefers the sales flywheel method over the sales funnel. This is a three-step neverending circle that keeps customers engaged, delighted, and promoting your product for you to family and friends. The three-part circle includes: ATTRACT, ENGAGE, and DELIGHT. We suggest combining elements of both the sales funnel and sales flywheel for an optimal customer journey.

Learn more about the sales flywheel at:

PRO TIP: On your “BOOK A MEETING” page for potential clients, offer OPTIONS! This includes: text, email, chat, or call (we use for your call booking)


HubSpot is a great tool to trek the hardships of business management and reach the summit of success. The HubSpot ecosystem offers multiple innovative tools for your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service management and adds a lot of ease to the overall business management.

Among other similar tools, HubSpot is ranked best by most users. The biggest reason is its free version that offers a great advantage to small and medium-sized businesses by providing an intelligent CRM for free.

HubSpot can be the right CRM for your business based on its countless features providing several integration options. It also serves as an amazing email marketing tool with its advantageous pre-made email design templates and more options.

Above all, the choice of picking the best CRM must come after deciding on the budget and the needs of your business. And the varied set of features provided by HubSpot makes it the best choice for almost everyone.

What are your views about using HubSpot? Share in the comments down below and make sure to sign up for HubSpot today at:

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