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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

A common question I get from students is “Please compare ConvertKit VS MailChimp!” ConvertKit was built with bloggers in mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a blogger to love ConvertKit. This software is perfect for the small business owners, to social influencers, to podcasters, to course creators, to bloggers/vloggers, to local brick and mortars, to Fortune 500 companies and more. If you have content to share and want to capture/convert new leads/customers… then Convert Kit is perfect for you.

Step #1 – Claim Your FREE Book “The Complete Guide to Email Marketing”

Click this link “Why I switched to ConvertKit” for your FREE book! I have partnered with ConvertKit to provide you with a FREE book on email marketing! Our best practices, advice, and some advanced strategies are compiled into the free book just for you.

Why I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit

We at Coursenvy switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit as our email marketing platform because after trying several email platforms online, we found Convert Kit not only had the most friendly user interface (believe me, some are insanely overcomplicated), but Convert Kit also has the best “set it and forget it” style of autoresponders. You can build your lead capture forms once, pair each of them with an autoresponder sequence of emails… and BOOM, watch your subscriber following grow and sales flow in. Truly, the only manual email I build anymore with Convert Kit is the newsletter. ALL other emails were built once, optimized, then became our evergreen email list builders!

Get the automation and email marketing tools you need to grow your blog and business with ConvertKit, just click the banner below to learn more!

Convert Kit Landing Pages

ConvertKit provides various landing page templates for you, but if you prefer building your own right on your website, make sure to check out our constantly updating post on examples of the BEST landing pages we have discovered online! Just head over to:

Email Subject Lines

Common search terms in Google include “best email subject line”, “highest open rate email subject” or “email subject lines that get opened”. We have A/B split test 1000’s of email subject lines and have found many duds and many winners! Check out our favorites at:

Do I Need Email Automation?

In order to scale and grow your business, Automation is REQUIRED! You can only do so many tasks and if you are a lean startup with few employees, you can’t be wasting their time MANUALLY replying to new subscribers/customers. Use email to construct tailor-made marketing/sales funnels for your businesses to drive recurring sales and consistent subscriber growth. The most successful bloggers/businesses learn about marketing automation early on – and stick with it long term.

Here are a few common marketing workflows professional bloggers and businesses use ConvertKit to automate:

  • Automated Product Pitches: Easily offer a sign-up incentive (like a free chapter, tutorial, or bonus meal plan) – then automatically deliver a pre-written drip-email course pitching the product to your new subscriber. If somebody purchases your product, automatically move them to a special customer list to communicate directly with them. This is nice because you are always pitching your product rather than waiting for launches.

  • Automated Product Launches: Create and send a pre-launch email sequence to your list. Open up the product for sales using a service like Gumroad. Use either broadcast emails our another pre-written course to send launch week emails. Automatically halt marketing communications to people who’ve purchased your product.

  • Automatic Subscriber Onboarding: Create a custom onboarding course that every new subscriber goes through when they sign up. This helps acquaint new subscribers with your brand messaging, product/service lineup, and value proposition. That way, everybody is on the same page – and people who are having 2nd thoughts have a chance to unsubscribe. The value of your list can only go up once you have good onboarding in place!

  • Automated Webinar Promotion: Create beautiful, high-converting registration pages. Schedule a broadcast message to let people know you’re going live. Send well-timed follow-up emails via course or broadcast. Automatically halt the sales pitch sequence for subscribers who decide to purchase your product.

ConvertKit will help you automate your most profitable marketing activities so you can spend less time operating marketing tools and more time on the things you love.

ConvertKit Integrations

No matter what kind of website you have, ConvertKit most likely has an integration tool for you, including:

  • -eCommerce + Payment Portals

  • -Lead Capture

  • -Membership + Course Sites

  • -Webinar Services

  • -Surveys + Forms

  • -Website Platforms (like WordPress and Squarespace!)

  • -Scheduling

  • -Giveaways

  • -Zapier (through Zapier you can connect hundreds of services to ConvertKit)

Check out all the integration tools ConvertKit offers by clicking here:

Why Convert Kit?

We have tried all the email marketing platforms out there… everything from AWeber, to MailChimp, to Get Response, to Constant Contact! After my ConvertKit review, it came down to one thing… it is SIMPLE! ConvertKit has a super-friendly user-interface that allows you to AUTOMATE nearly everything you would ever want to in your email marketing!

ConvertKit lets you build fully customizable and responsive lead capture forms (hands down the best mobile view for forms and emails). Then once people subscribe you can drip email (auto email them via “sequences”) content slowly over a schedule you decide! ConvertKit also makes segmenting your email lists easier than ever by allowing you to group and save emails by metrics you want (past purchases, initial form sign-up, etc.)

But that said, everyone has different needs… so at minimum, I suggest you give ConvertKit a try with this FREE demo trial:

Congrats, You’re a ConvertKit User… Now Check Out These GREAT Resources Convert Kit Has to Offer!

MASTER Convert Kit and Email Marketing from A-Z with our Mastery Course

We loved our transition to Convert Kit so much, we created a course about it! Join now at:

And make sure to sign up for your FREE DEMO of Convert Kit here: (Advertiser Disclosure


My top 3 secrets to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts are…

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