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What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator + How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes selling easy with sales tools that focus on helping you find the right prospects, so you can begin to build trusted relationships with them. A major portion of our new clients come directly from our outreach via our LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Cold emails have TERRIBLE open rates, while LinkedIn messages are opened nearly every time! Take advantage of this and start SELLING to your perfect customer right on LinkedIn!

BONUS! Here is the software I use to automate my LinkedIn outreach:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Before you start outreach, selling, and creating lists on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you need to first optimize your personal LinkedIn profile!

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a landing page. What value can you offer your potential clients? What are your accomplishments that will make them contact you first?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 101

Now that we have our personal LinkedIn profile optimized, we are ready to start using LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not free, but they do offer a free trial. So sign up for the trial at the link below and then navigate to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator homepage.

The main function of Sales Navigator is to create custom lists to better organize and prioritize your saved leads and saved accounts.

  1. My network – includes all your 1st-degree connections.

  2. Lead Lists – includes all saved individuals.

  3. Account Lists – includes all saved companies.

Signup/Login to LinkedIn Sales Navigator at:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Resources

When searching for new potential clients, we at Coursenvy turn to LinkedIn, specifically LinkedIn Sales Navigator! With this advanced search tool you can find the EXACT type of professional you are seeking. Let me share with you our detailed filters that output the best results:

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