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Top 5 Best Keyword Research Tools

Looking for the best keyword research services?

Hunting for the right keywords is the most difficult task for the marketers responsible for the successful commencement of marketing campaigns. The choice of right keywords can heavily impact the performance of your brand in the online space and how you will rank in search engines. It is a big question for the business owners… where does my website rank for keywords? The various SEO tools and keyword research tools online are there to answer that for you!

There are commonly two different types of keywords, short tail and long tail keywords. As the name suggests, the long tail keywords are the longer keywords that describe more about your brand and business (most commonly a question someone types into Google). Mostly, marketers prefer short tail keywords over long tail keywords as they attract more search volume and ensure a better visibility of your brand. But if you want to target a more specified list of visitors more relevant with your product offerings then long tail keywords are a better choice. The more specific and targeted your keywords are, the more likely they are to hit the right audience and get you business in the near future. There are various tools in the market that give you keyword suggestions based on your search with basic keywords to run your marketing campaign efficiently. However, with so many options to choose, we wanted to rank the most popular choice among the digital marketers and SEO professionals for the top 5 BEST keyword research tools!

Top 5 BEST keyword research tools

Below are brief descriptions/reviews of the popular keyword research tools available online!

5. Moz (3.75/5.0)

Moz is a popular tool in the market offering a suite of SEO based tools. Moz Keyword Explorer is the keyword research tool that makes inbound marketing easy. However, the subscription charges are a bit high starting at $99.

4. Ahrefs (4.0/5.0)

Ahrefs is also a high-end keyword research tool that is helpful for backlink research, keyword research, content marketing etc. Just like Moz, the paid version of Ahrefs also starts at $99.

3. Google Ads Keyword Planner (4.2/5.0)

Google Ads has come with its own supporting keyword research tool but the fact is, the outcomes of this tool are not very useful. It gives a range of keywords, competition level, estimated CPC and other important information as a result of keyword research. BUT you don’t know the actual competitiveness of the keywords (Long Tail Pro on the other hand DOES supply how easily you can rank for specific keywords). The big points gainer for Google Ads Keyword Planner thought is that is it free!

2. SEMrush (4.7/5.0)

SEMrush is a global tool for top-quality keyword research services. It also provides business intelligence and competitor analysis reports at the same time. This tool is one of the most popular among the marketers due to the easy-to-use features. The Pro version starts from $ 69.95 which is quite affordable for all the data it provides you as a marketer:

1. Long Tail Pro (5.0/5.0)

Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research tool available in the SEO market. It is trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide. Make sure to check out our in-depth blog post “Long Tail Pro Review“.

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