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Long Tail Pro Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Long Tail Pro Review: LongTailPro VS SEMrush VS Keyword Planner VS Market Samurai

There is a common question every marketer faces – Should they opt for long tail keywords or short tail keywords? No matter the type of website, size or industry of the business, the choice of keywords is always critical. Choosing keywords can be confusing, with the problem starting from choice of the type of keyword. Both short tail and long tail keywords come with their share of pros and cons. Different types of keywords require different marketing strategies, so the first step in any marketing strategy is the keyword choice. Our keyword research tool of choice (and for our clients) is, so continue reading for our in-depth Long Tail Pro review and comparisons.

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Long Tail Keywords

As the name suggests, long tail keywords are longer keyword phrases. When managed properly, long tail keywords can be highly valuable to a business. They are specifically useful when the competition is too high. As these keywords precisely describe what you sell or offer, therefore uping your chances of being found by relevant visitors. Some marketers tend to avoid long tail keywords as they draw less traffic compared to short tail keywords. But, you need to understand that even though traffic volume is less, traffic drawn is targeted and the probability of conversion is HIGHER.

Long tail keywords are valuable to both, organic and paid search campaigns. There are several keyword research tools that offer long tail keywords but Long Tail Pro is rated as the best tool we have reviewed hands down… now let’s jump into the reason why with this extensive Long Tail Pro Review!

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research software online. It is being used by 1000’s of marketers every day! This is an automated system for keyword suggestion and offers niche keywords that can be quite profitable. It is an Adobe Air based software and works on Windows and Mac. LongTailPro is a premium tool that can be used by anybody looking for long tail keyword suggestions. LTP was created by Spencer Haws based on his experience with keyword tools and the limitations faced while using different keyword research tools.

Marketers have appreciated the ability of this tool to make a difference in their search campaigns and to increase the traffic to their websites. The tool also has a built-in keyword competitiveness (KC) metric. This metric helps users decide between which keywords to target and which to skip.

The interface of Long Tail Pro offers a step-by-step system that allows users to discover keyword suggestions easily. This tool is trusted by industry leaders and is recommended as a must-have tool for every marketer. There are various plans that you can choose from depending on your need and number of keyword searches required every month. Click the banner above to take a free trial of the Long Tail Pro software to get an idea of its advanced features and rewarding long tail keyword suggestions. You don’t need to be an expert SEO to use this tool. It’s straightforward, easy interface makes the software easy to use for anyone.

Features of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is bundled with several features that makes keyword research rewarding. It saves marketers the long hours and immense hard work involved in keyword research.

Must know characteristics of Long Tail Pro include:

  • Most keyword tools allow a search for 1 basic keyword at a time. In the case of Long Tail Pro, you can search for and import more than 5 basic (or seed) keywords at a time. These will generate almost 800 keyword suggestions within few seconds.

  • It is possible to get keywords from any niche, location and almost every language.

  • Long Tail Pro is supported by a team of experts who constantly improve the usability of the tool. They work towards adapting the tool to changing market conditions and search algorithm updates.

  • This tool is being used by Internet Marketers, SEO professionals, content marketers, social media managers, Bloggers and more.

  • The presence of real-time filters allows user to modify their search as per their search criteria. It helps you gain more control over the results.

***To enjoy this tool to its fullest, go for the Platinum Plan as it comes with a range of added benefits!

Keyword Competitiveness Score

Keyword Competitiveness Score (KC) is one of the most powerful features of Long Tail Pro. Available to Platinum users, this feature is calculated using a complex formula. It basically analyzes the top 10 Google Search results and determines the difficulty of ranking for a keyword organically. LongTailPro uses factors like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Site Age, Social Signals and more to compute Keyword Competitiveness. It is the most accurate keyword difficulty score tool available on the market! As per the changes in Google algorithm, the computations of KC are also adjusted from time to time.

Long Tail Pro Cloud

Now our Long Tail Pro review would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss the “LongTailPro Cloud“. Based on user feedback that Long Tail Pro should be a web app instead of desktop software, Long Tail Pro has launched the Long Tail Pro Cloud (since 2016). This offers users a number of benefits in comparison to the desktop software. The Cloud allows user to associate a project with a domain, get the domain metrics and give recommendations on KC. It will help you in choosing keywords that you should be targeting.

Long Tail Pro Cloud uses the same proprietary algorithm as the desktop software but the results are faster and ALL online (even KC is automatically calculated for all keywords)!

Rank Value

This is an addition to the cloud-based software of Long Tail Pro. Rank Value helps deal with the profitability of the keywords. In the desktop version, it was possible to assess the difficulty of keywords. Rank Value takes it a step further and allows users to check the profitability of a keyword. This is done with the help of an in-house algorithm and input from user. The input can be:

The input can be:

  • Adsense – In this case, you simply need to input average Click Through Rate of your website on ads.

  • Amazon Affiliates – In this case, you need to enter the average purchase price of the product or group of products that need to be sold with that keyword.

  • Custom option – If you are an e-commerce site or plan to sell your own products, you can go for the custom option. To use this option, you need to enter your visitor value (i.e. average product sales price).

Targeting Keyword Difficulty

To know what kind of keyword difficulty you should be targeting, you should add a domain to your project.

Metric for Insights

Find the domain strength, referring domains, page strength and more with the metrics provided by the software.

Adwords Data

With Long Tail Pro, you can input a list of keywords from Adwords, check their CPC, Competition, monthly local/ global searches and more.


You can further control the keyword search by using real-time filters. Keywords can be filtered on basis of number of words, CPC, advertiser competition, local searches, and competitiveness.

Export Results

Whether you are searching for top 10 Google search results or checking the keyword metrics data, all these reports can be exported to an Excel .CSV file.

How Long Tail Pro Works

Once you sign up for our FREE LongTailPro TRIAL, you are ready to use Long Tail Pro’s online keyword research tool / web application! To begin keyword research, name your project, choose your country and language, then input your seed keywords.

Add seed keywords related to your business, industry or niche. You can also add filters to your search like monthly global searches more than 1000, etc. By adding filters, you can generate sets of keywords that are worthy of targeting. You can choose filters based on how LONG your long tail keyword should be or from which top level domains they are coming.

Once you click on Generate Keywords, you will get a list of keyword suggestion within seconds. The time for keyword research will depend on the filters added and number of keywords you have added as seed keywords. Check the list of keywords generated. You can repeat the process as many times as you want.

Long Tail Pro vs SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best tools to quickly and freely find long tail keywords for a website. Keyword suggestions are generated on basis of frequently searched terms in search engines. Both Long Tail Pro and SEMrush offer keyword suggestions and allow competitor analysis. But the biggest advantage of Long Tail Pro over SEMrush is that it gives a list consisting of MORE long tail keywords.

Compared to SEMrush, Long Tail Pro further offers the following benefits:

  • Allows user to search multiple keywords at once

  • Offers around 800 results for every basic (or seed) keyword entered

  • Identifies unlimited keyword opportunities

  • Allows to test viability of niches

  • Finds domain names automatically

  • Automatically checks rankings on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • Allows to create targeted campaigns

Click Here for our exclusive Coursenvy + SEMrush FREE Trial (if you would like to test the SEMrush keyword research service).

Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai

Market Samurai is another popular tool for searching long tail keywords. Though the tasks performed by both these tools are similar, there is a significant difference in their working.

Here are few reasons why Long Tail Pro is better than Market Samurai:

  • Speed – Speed of Long Tail Pro is faster than Market Samurai. In both the tools you can add multiple seeds keywords. In Long Tail Pro, all the keywords are analyzed simultaneously while in Market Samurai, analysis is done one seed keyword at a time. So, time required by Market Samurai is high and speed is slow.

  • Filtering – Though both these tools offer keyword filtering, the way keywords are filtered out in both these tools are different. In Market Samurai, filtering of keywords is done after keyword suggestions are generated. In Long Tail Pro, keyword filtering is real-time, so you can add filters before keywords are analyzed. It gives user better control over keywords.

  • Competitor Analysis – The layout for competitor analysis in both these tools is quite similar. But in Long Tail Pro, results of competitor analysis are integrated with Moz data ( Thus, the results are more insightful and helpful. In competitor analysis with Long Tail Pro, you can also see the page authority and domain authority of top 10 search results.

Long Tail Pro vs Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword tool has been of the oldest and most popular keyword planning tools. But the latest updates have rendered the tool useless for organic keyword search. It’s nearly impossible ]to use Google Keyword Planner without planning a campaign for Google Adwords and ultimately paying for the ad to truly test the keyword volume.

Here are few more benefits of Long Tail Pro over Google Keyword Planner (

  • Google Keyword Planner does not give keyword difficulty metrics and how difficult will it be to rank a keyword. It only suggests competition for the keyword as low, medium and high within the Adwords bidding network.

  • Long Tail Pro pulls data from Google AdWords and combines it with results from Majestic and Moz. Thus, you get keyword suggestions with a number of metrics like rank value, search volume, total words, suggested bid in AdWords and more.

Long Tail Pro vs Ahrefs

While comparing Long Tail Pro to Ahrefs, here are few pros of using Long Tail Pro:

  • Speed – Speed of Ahrefs is similar to SEMrush, but lower than Long Tail Pro. Time required to find long tail keywords with Long Tail Pro is faster!

  • Keyword Difficulty – Though even Ahrefs shows keyword difficulty, the insights are more precise and valuable in Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Review Summary

With so many keyword tools available in the market, it is difficult to choose a single valuable tool. Keyword research primarily relies on data, and you need to choose a tool that gives the maximum insights from the data available.

Though Long Tail Pro is a paid tool, like many other keyword tools, it offers the users true value for their money. Getting a paid subscription of Long Tail Pro is an investment in your marketing campaigns and organic SEO that you will make MUCH GREATER RETURNS from as time goes on. Targeting the right keywords is critical for your website, business or blog, so you cannot compromise on your keyword tool.

Long Tail Pro makes it easy to get long tail keywords and manage them. So as I tell many of my clients… quit wasting your time on “free” keyword tools and get useful insights so you can plan your keyword targeting masterfully! It is a smart investment if you are serious about your marketing campaigns!

Claim our FREE Long Tail Pro trial today!

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