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Standard Events or Custom Conversions for Facebook Ads?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Standard Events or Custom Conversions???

Confused about the difference between Standard Events or Custom Conversions on Facebook? We’ve got you covered on Coursenvy!

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Standard Events VS Custom Conversions

Custom conversions allow you to segment your event data based on rules you set (for example, people who have subscribed to your newsletter and landed on your thank you confirmation page). Learn how to create a custom conversion at:

Click the link below to learn when to use custom conversions instead of standard events. You will also learn how to use custom conversions to split standard events:

How to create custom conversions using events:

Differences between standard events and custom conversions

Standard events and custom conversions both allow you to track and optimize for actions on your website. An easy way to differentiate the two is that standard events give you more features, but custom conversions are much easier to set up.

What’s the difference between standard and custom events?

When any action is taken on your website, your Facebook Pixel tracks it as an “event.” Then you can use events to track conversions and much more!

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