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Shopify Training Course – Day #1

Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all the things the business will become once it takes off. But without marketing knowledge, driving traffic and making sales... your new eCommerce venture can fall flat! Luckily, there’s a simple solution: a course on how to get your first sale on Shopify! So follow along with our video lectures in this Shopify Training Course!

Coursenvy has partnered with Shopify to give you FREE access to their eCommerce platform! Just sign up here before we begin the course:

Shopify Training Course - Day #1


Hey, my name is Ezra Firestone and I am here to help you get your first sale on Shopify.

Now Shopify, as you probably already know, is the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world. So, having made it to get a Shopify store is a really good first step. I remember when I made my first sale online. It was around the year 2007. The first thing that I sold was a fake mustache. That's right, I was in the mustache and weed business and it was so exciting when I got that first sale. It was just like, it felt like the possibilities were endless.

Now, since that time, I have scaled my Shopify business to over eight figures a year, so wound up around 18 million dollars in revenue this year in our Shopify business. And so, throughout this training, I am gonna take it through what you need to know to get your first sale. Now, there is a lot of stuff to know about e-commerce. It's like an endless you know, pool of knowledge. But there are some specific things that are really important you have in place to get your first sale. That's what this training is gonna be focused on, what do you need to have in place to get a sale on your store, that where all we are gonna go. And then after that there is a bunch of places you can now go, but you gotta get that first sale to get started. So, we're gonna be talking about things like how to build your product offer page properly, how to drive people to your store using Facebook advertising, and some of the sort of basic, fundamental things that you need in your store.

I am super happy to be the one able to take you through this training. I really look forward to it. In the next video I will tell you a little about myself so that you know who I am and kind of what you can expect of me and in this course. And then we will dive right into getting things set up to get you, your first sale on Shopify.

Thanks for watching, I will see you there.

What to Expect in this Shopify Training Course?


Hey. So I wanna give you a few details about me so you kind of know who I am and why you should listen to me frankly. So my name is Ezra Firestone. I am the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Boom! By Cindy Joseph and I am the founder and CEO of a company called Smart Marketer.

A few things about me: I own and operate one 8 figure Shopify store that will do by $17 million dollars this year and two other 7 figure e-commerce brands, one of which is on Shopify. Another one is actually built on Wordpress. Its not really an e-commerce platform. I am a professor of the Shopify e-commerce University and I am recognized as one of America's leading e-commerce educators by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Practical e-commerce and more. And I am also a consultant to Fortune 500 and 8 figure retailers. They kind of bring me in when they need some growth or they need some growth strategy. And more importantly I have thousands of successful students and case studies, so I can help you get more from your store. I can help you make your first sale.

These are just social proof to show you that I actually do this stuff. On the left is one of my Shopify dashboards, on the right is one of my Amazon dashboards, so we do really, really well.

So that's me, now who are you. You are anyone who wants to grow an eCommerce business. Maybe you are an agency who supports an eCommerce business, or you are an owner/operator. You are a consultant or project manager, or maybe you are just a marketing nerd. You are anyone who wants to make a sale on a Shopify store.

Now our goal with this course is to leverage paid advertising and conversion rate optimization best to get your first sale on Shopify. That's what this whole thing is about.

Now what you can expect of me is that, I will be an open book. Everything that I learned in 11 years of e-commerce is gonna be documented and shared, geared towards having you making your first sale. I am gonna make it enjoyable, and I am committed to your success. And to that end, I will clearly document the marketing processes, strategies, and funnels that you need to be successful and get your first Shopify sale. And what I'd expect of you is that you play full out, that you give it all you got. That you actually implement this stuff because, if you do it, you will be able to get that first sale that you're looking for.

So, Ezra here, thanks for watching. I'll see you on the next video.

Ecommerce is ALIVE, Faceless Ecommerce is DEAD!


Hey Ezra here, and in this video we are going to talk about: mission, story, and purpose. The reason we are going to talk about that is, the faceless eCommerce store is dead, and I want you to be successful with your eCommerce brand. And what you have to understand is that of like, slapping up a store with a bunch of random products and not having a story about who you are and who your brand is are over.

You have to connect with people. You have to tell a story about who you are: you have to know your differentiator, you have to tell your customer who you are, and you have to have a core story that you tell about your brand. That comes down to branding, tagline, and ethos. I am going to give you some examples for your brand that you can kind of use as inspiration. So, how do you come across to your customers? Do you know what aesthetic appeals to your market? Do you have a tagline that tells your story in one sentence? Do you know what emotional response that you want to elicit?

So I am going to give you some examples and I want you to put them together for your brand.

{Example 1} So, they are a phenomenal fashion brand, they are online only. Their differentiator, the thing they do differently is that they offer high fashion at a transparent price. So you have to know what are you doing differently than your competitors, who they and who they’re targeting is: sort of young, hip, techy, disruptors, you know. Their story is radical transparency, the story they’re telling is like “Hey, we are being super transparent about where this stuff comes from and its cost”. The aesthetic they have for their brand is sort of paired down, simple, clean, elegant. And their tagline kind of really tells their story in one sentence: “Know your factories, know your costs. Always ask why”. And the emotional response they are tryng to elicit in their customers is that of “revolution”, “join the cause”.

{Example 2} Now, Boom by Cindy Joseph is my brand. Our differentiator is pro-age messaging: everyone else is telling an anti-age story of how age is bad. We take a different approach of everyone else in the marketplace. Who we targeting is women over 40. Our story, is actually a personal story about the public figure behind the brand. So the story of our brand is about Cindy Joseph. A great way to do a brand is to have it been based on someone’s experiences. Our esthetic is also: pared down, simple, clean, elegant. Our tagline tells the story of our brand in one sentence: “Its about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.” And the emotional response we are trying to elicit is also “revolution”.

{Example 3} Now, the next example is Coyuchi. They are an online furniture store and they sell bedding and stuff like that. Their differentiator is that they are green, eco-friendly and that their products are minimal. Who they’re targeting is environmentally conscious women. Their story is “nature to home”, and their esthetic is forest, hand-made, pure, clean, kind of what they’re going for and how they look online. The tagline says “nature comes home” and is what’s like tell their story in one sentence. And the emotional response they are trying to elicit is mindfulness.

So, have these baseline content about your brand together it’s going to affect kind of your ad’s copy. It’s going to affect the images that you create, and its going to affect your product’s offer page. We are getting into things like product offer pages shortly and before we get into actually having to advertise our brand but you have to understand what your differentiators as a brand, who are you trying to target? What your story is? What your esthetic is is? What your tagline is? And the kind of emotional response you want to elicit in a prospect.

So, make sure that you got this listed down, that you kind of working in it as you create your story, as you create your brand and as you create your messaging. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

Enjoying the Shopify Training Course?

Coursenvy has partnered with Shopify to give you FREE access to their eCommerce platform! Get started for FREE here:

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