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SEMrush Review & Tutorial

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

SEMrush Review

In this SEMrush review, we will delve into why we use Long Tail Pro and SEMrush in unison when analyzing keywords we want to rank for in Google search.

To start this SEMrush review / tutorial, watch this video for a brief walk through of the SEMrush keyword research tool. SEMrush is highly trusted among SEO and SEM industry professionals conducting keyword research, site audits, position tracking, and more.

Feel free to create a free SEMrush account and follow along as you watch these tutorial videos!

SEMrush 101

Now let’s learn how to use the competitive research software that SEMrush has to offer! Watch this entire YouTube video playlist to learn how to use the best Internet Marketing Software — SEMrush:

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Once you begin to understand keyword research, you will really begin to understand the power of long tail keywords! We love using both SEMrush and Long Tail Pro software (Long Tail Pro free trial link) to discover long-tail keywords for our clients. Now watch the video below to learn how to find long tail keywords in SEMrush, so YOU can increase your traffic and Google rank!

How to Boost your Website Performance with SEMrush Site Audit Tool

To boost your website performance you need to use the SEMrush site audit tool:

How to Create Content That Earns Backlinks

Keyword research is nothing without QUALITY content! You need to create high-quality and SHAREABLE content if you want to rank for those keywords in Google! If the keyword competitiveness is low enough, you may be able to rank in Google search for keywords without any backlinks to that specific page or post you created around that keyword… BUT your goal should always be to create content that people will willingly share! Watch this video to learn how to create content that GETS SHARED and GETS BACKLINKS!

Linkbuilding 101

Now that you have the keywords and content created that you want to rank for in Google… now is the time to start building links to your content so you ORGANICALLY rank for these keywords! Learn more about SEO backlinks in this blog post:

SEMrush Review Conclusion

Long Tail Pro and SEMrush are our go-to keyword research tools for all our clients! We advise you give SEMrush a try with our SEMrush promo code / FREE trial link:

Continue Learning

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