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Long Tail Pro

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Long Tail Pro vs Google Ads Keyword Planner — Keyword Research Battle!

How do I research keywords? This is a common question I get from clients. And my immediate response is… Long Tail Pro! Join Long Tail Pro with our FREE trial at:

Long Tail Pro vs Google Ads Keyword Planner: With the update to Google Ads Keyword Planner (rendering it near worthless), without paying for Google Ads to test the actual search volume for keywords, the generic "Avg. monthly searches" range they provide gives you ZERO actionable data!

See the example below:

Plus the Google Ads Keyword Tool doesn’t give you any metric for how difficult it will be to rank for a specific keyword. Google Ads Keyword Planner just gives you this broad range, the Google Ads competition for that keyword (Low, Medium, High), then the suggested bid (or estimated CPC for Google Ads ads using this keyword).

TL;DR -- Long Tail Pro is the WINNER:

Keyword Research 101

We prefer and suggest Long Tail Pro to all our clients. Long Tail Pro is the best long-tail keyword research software online. I use their software for researching keywords for everything from social media marketing bios, to page and blog post titles, to headings (H2, H3, etc.), to meta descriptions, to YouTube descriptions, to content/articles, and so much more!

Claim our affiliate Long Tail Pro free trial at:

How to use LongTailPro with Google Ads

So now that you have realized Google Ads Keyword Planner tool is basically worthless, how are you going to pick keywords for your Google Ads campaign? This is where shines! We input just one or two seed keywords into our Long Tail Pro software, then click retrieve:

As you can see, LongTailPro is pulling data from Google Ads. WHAT?! So LTP uses a mix of their own massive data (launched in 2011) and data pulled via API from,, and Google Ads ( Once you input your seed keywords, LongTailPro outputs suggested keywords related to your seed keywords, search volume, Ads suggested bid, Ads competition, total words, rank value, average keyword competition, language searched, and location searched.

With all this data in one place, the time you save doing keyword research is insane. I used to have to use Google Ads, then Majestic, then Moz, then various other keyword tools online… no more. puts it all in one easy-to-use software!

FIRST, set up your Long Tail Pro account so you can STEP UP your Keyword Research game! Just click our affiliate link:

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Online Course

Start your FREE Keyword Research with LongTailPro at:

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