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Landing Pages

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can land on. BUT, when I (and most marketers) discuss landing pages, we are talking about the web page a user lands on with your intended goal of making a conversion (sale, email sign-up form, eBook giveaway, etc. incentive to CAPTURE that users information, particularly their email address for future marketing!)

Now let’s say you go to all the work of getting a new visitor to your landing page, but then they just leave. Wah wahhh…

All visitors will eventually leave, but if you get them to subscribe to some INCENTIVE they will be part of your community, and they’ll come back again and again with the power of email marketing/landing page creating services like ConvertKit.

Incentives play a huge role in making your offer enticing and they definitely help with conversion rates. But a good incentive will be lost on a visitor that never sees it or that is so distracted by random content they don’t realize it is supposed to be the focus of the entire page.

4 Ways to Improve your Landing Pages

  1. Have a single call to action

  2. Add a strong headline

  3. Cut out the extra “stuff”

  4. Add a “What is this page about?” image/visual

1. Have a single call to action

A call to action—also known as a CTA—is where you try to get your visitor to do something more than read your content and hit the back button. In my case that “something” is to have you enter your email address on a landing page (our FREE landing page builder — affiliate link)

NEVER ask visitors to do multiple things. SINGLE objectives lead to higher conversion rates!

So choose which OBJECTIVE is the most important and leave the rest out!

Instead of asking for both a product pre-order AND an email opt-in, just ask for the email opt-in. Then have an automated email course that drips out to them over the next week or two that includes a CTA to pre-order the product. Click here to learn more about automation emails.

2. Add a strong headline

The headline’s job is to get the visitor to start reading the page. In newspaper terms it’s “the hook.”

Spend time to get it right—for your target audience. It should draw in the right people and turn away those who aren’t in your target market. A common technique is to focus on a pain the visitor has. Look at this book sale landing pages headline:

“The idea that authors can’t make money is bull****.”

They focused on the pain that most authors don’t make any money from their books.

3. Cut out the extra stuff

Why do you have categories, tags, and a bunch of other info next to each post on your blog?

Why do you have navigation across the top of your landing page?

Make all the content FOCUS the visitors towards the Call to Action!

4. Add a “What is this page about?” image/visual

The last thing I like to add to every landing page is a quick graphic that explains what the page is about. If you have an iPhone with an app on the screen front and center, I’m going to immediately know this page is about an iPhone app.

The Top 5 Landing Page Examples

Now that you know what a landing page is and what makes a good one… take “inspiration” (COPY! …cough cough) from these Top Landing Pages!

What a great landing page, huh? First off, that headline… “Earn Money on Your Schedule”… perfect! Plus the lead capture form is very short and easy to fill out. Then it finishes with a nice clean photo of an Uber driver in action. The only flaw I see if the “distraction” in the top right corner… the “Ride with Uber” link. If this is a landing page just for getting new drivers to sign up, don’t distract them!

Simple, clean, a list of steps to come… and what I love most, that first step doesn’t scare you away with the full address and credit card claim… just your email address. Genius! So no matter what… even if you don’t claim this free $30, Blue Apron will have your email address for remarketing until you do purchase!

Ramit Sethi and “i will teach you to be rich” has their stuff together. Amazing design and an elegant white theme on his site exude success. Many of his blog posts lead to this simple, but DIRECT email sign up form for his books… “EARN MORE MONEY… 100% privacy, no games, no B.S., no spam”.

GREAT headline! If you are a blogger looking to create ebooks for your lead funnels… BOOM! They’ll get you with this highly targeted niche sign-up. I love creating forms that create hyper segmented email lists.

Look at that clear visual… we make CODING simple! Then the Call to Action (CTA)… “Sign up and start coding in second”… Amazing landing page!

Landing Page Hacks Webinar

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