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What is a Landing Page?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I mention collecting LEADS in my courses often. Leads are potential customers! I also mention working visitors down your SALES FUNNEL. Your sales funnel is the process of taking a totally NEW person from their initial visit to your website, to providing them further value/content, to finally selling them your product/service and retaining them as an ongoing customer.


Step #1 – Create a Landing Page

Now the first step of a sales funnel is the LANDING PAGE! So what is a landing page? In online marketing, a landing page (also called an opt-in page, lead page, lead capture page, squeeze page, etc.) is a SINGLE web page built SPECIFICALLY for marketing a product/service and capturing information from the visitor that lands on this page.

Typically you drive visitors to landing pages via paid ads, such as Facebook ads, Google AdWords ads, or similar. A landing pages goal should be a SINGLE objective requested via a Call to Action (CTA) button/form/link! This single objective is typically the visitor’s contact information in exchange for a Value Proposition (such as a free mini-course, free coupon, free book, free trial, free consultation, etc.). A normal webpage or blog post will have multiple links, buttons, and call to actions on it… but a landing page must only have ONE goal/objective (i.e. collect an email address in exchange for a free eBook)! If you have multiple objectives on your landing page, the visitor may get distracted or never take ANY action. My extensive split testing research has shown that the FEWER CTA (Call to Action) links, forms, and buttons on your landing page, the HIGHER the conversion rates of visitors actually performing your requested objective!

Homepage VS. Landing Page

On a typical website’s homepage, there are links, buttons, blog posts, banners, etc. options to click EVERYWHERE!

On a landing page, there is only ONE call to action. All text, videos, and content direct the visitor to that call to action form/button.

Best Lead Capture Builders + The 5 Best Landing Page Examples

Now to get your creative juices flowing, I want to show you some of my FAVORITE landing page examples online AND share with your our go to landing page building software we use for clients!

Generate leads and increase revenue using the industry-leading landing page creator with an accompanying suite of lead generation and opt-in tools.

Tap the Sign Up button below for the FREE online training on how to create a Leadpages landing page in under 5 minutes: is CRUSHING it and their website is built on CLICK FUNNELS! They are making over $1,000,000 per month! I highly suggest you give this podcast a listen with the Lady Boss co-founder:

As you can see in the screenshot below, they enable you to create clean and simple, lead capture pages!


Build a website with NO code! Learn how to create a website in minutes with our Webflow tutorial + get our FREE Webflow promo code at:

As an online creator you are full of big ideas! The best way to get those ideas into the world is with landing pages. The best part about ConvertKit is that you can start with a well-designed FREE landing page template, so you don’t even need a website to start gathering interest and email addresses! Everything is hosted on ConvertKit (no coding needed!)


Create and test beautiful landing pages that generate leads and look great on any device — no designers or web developers required.

The 5 Best Landing Page Examples

To see our 5 Best Landing Page Examples, head over to our blog post dedicated to these Top Landing Pages at:

Work Visitors Down Your Sales Funnel

The goal is to work visitors down your sales funnel. The first step is to provide them VALUE with something for free that you offer them on your LANDING PAGE. Here are some great examples of things you can give away in exchange for a visitors contact info (name, email, phone, etc. — collect the minimum contact info you need to close future sales):

  • Free Consultation (lawyers, accountants, etc.)

  • Free eBook (truly any niche)

  • Free Mini Course

  • Free Coupon

  • Free Service

  • Free Trial (great for SaaS)


The main ad platform I use for driving people to my landing pages is Facebook. Facebook ads are still relatively cheap in comparison to Google AdWords, plus the targeting with Facebook can be LASER FOCUSED! For example, if I was selling a cat toy, I could target people who not only love cats, but also people who have recently purchased cat food (talk about guaranteeing your marketing is reaching cat owners!) Another example, if I want to get high net worth and high-income people to invest in my XYZ, I can target people with a net worth and income over $X amount, again via Facebook Detailed Targeting in Facebook Ads Manager! The power of Facebook ads targeting is scary good, so take advantage of this ad platform while ads and the cost of leads are still reasonably priced (I average $2-$40 per lead for my clients, depending on their niche)!

Learn more about driving visitors to your landing page and then working them down your sales funnel in our Facebook Marketing Mastery course at:

Using the Facebook Pixel for your Sales Funnel

My favorite thing about Facebook ads is their Facebook Pixel. With the Facebook Pixel, I can retarget a group of visitors who reached a specific page on my website. For example, I can create a CUSTOM AUDIENCE on Facebook that targets people who have visited my landing page. Then I can target people who visited my landing page, clicked my call to action button, arrived on my VALUE PROPOSITION page, but didn’t sign up! Let me show you an example…

1) So I create a landing page on my website that has a video, testimonials, and other text explaining why my XYZ software is the greatest on earth, then I present my new COLD visitor (this visitor is NEW to funnel — therefore termed a COLD visitor or COLD audience) with a Call to Action button.


So one of two things will happen…

FIRST, the visitor will sign up and become a free trial subscriber in my email list. By signing up for my free trial, they will automatically be subscribed to my email sequence that provides them more free valuable content sporadically over that 14 Day Trial period. Finally, near the end of the trial, our automated email sequence will offer this free trial subscriber the option to buy my amazing software. Learn more about email automation at:

SECOND, the visitor lands on the value proposition page but DOES NOT sign up for the free trial offer.

2) So if they DID NOT sign up for the free trial, I will RETARGET this custom Facebook audience of people who have landed on XYZ value proposition page but DID NOT sign up for the free trial (all tracked via the Facebook Pixel). This is a WARM audience because they have been to my landing page, but they chose not to sign up for some reason. Now is the time to WORK THEM DOWN THE FUNNEL! They are aware of your brand/offering, but for some reason, they didn’t claim your free trial. Maybe they were at work… busy with the kids… the excuses are endless! BUT that said, I statistically get the HIGHEST conversion rates by targeting WARM AUDIENCES as they have the least resistance to signing up… they may have read and watched everything on your landing page, but just got busy with life and left. This is your chance to remind them to come back and sign up for your free trial (or other various free value propositions you may be offering).

How to Develop Your Own Landing Page on WordPress

The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin

My favorite FREE landing page creator online is Elementor. This WordPress plugin enables you to drag and drop build a custom page on your WordPress site that includes a Call to Action form for capturing leads! Check out Elementor in action:

There are many landing page creator tools available online. But to save you the time (and money) of testing and switching between the 10+ we have used over the years (YES, 10+ including Leadpages, ClickFunnels, SamCart, OntraPages, MailChimp Landing Pages, 10 Minute Funnels, Unbounce, Thrive Themes, OptimizePress, and various custom coded landing pages/forms), I landed on ClickFunnels!

My Top 3 Secrets to Creating a Lead Generation Sales Funnel That Converts!

#1 – Do as Tony Robbins does! “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” -Tony Robbins

Find that person or business in your niche that is already succeeding and COPY them… now I’m not saying go and get sued by infringing on copyrights/patents, I’m saying sign up for their newsletter, buy their products, study their content, products, services, social media, marketing, EVERYTHING! Learn from them and study the successful systems they have in place!

#2 – Now that you have identified your successful competitor or just someone selling something similar to what you plan to sell… it’s time to CLONE their sales funnel, only using your product and marketing message.

#3 – The final secret to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts is TRAFFIC! You can have the greatest landing page on earth, but without traffic, sales will never happen! If you have the budget, I highly suggest Facebook Ads for the reasons I mentioned in this post earlier.

How to Decrease your Customer Acquisition Cost

The easiest way to lower your customer acquisition cost by 20-30%: High-Converting Landing Pages

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