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How to Rank a Website 1st in Google Search

Common questions I get from clients about leads include:

  • How do I get free leads?

  • How to Rank a Website 1st in Google Search

  • How do I create a landing page/lead capture form?

  • What domains should I buy for lead capture forms?

  • How do I rank simple 1-page websites in Google?

Don’t fret… these are my favorite questions to answer! Let me do so in the simplest steps possible. (And if you would rather us do this for you, check out our ad agency at

Top 6 Steps to Create Lead Capturing Landing Pages

  1. Sign up for our exclusive FREE domain and discounted hosting (just click this affiliate link): (Advertiser Disclosure

  2. Learn how to build a simple WordPress website (1-page landing page) in under 4 minutes by watching the video below:

  3. Click this link below to claim Your FREE Book “The Complete Guide to Email Marketing”:

  4. I have collabed with ConvertKit to provide you with a FREE book on email marketing! Our best practices, advice, and some advanced strategies are compiled into the free book just for you. Once you start getting all these leads from your website, you will NEED to know what to do with them (i.e. EMAIL MARKETING)!

  5. Take your landing pages to the NEXT LEVEL!

  6. Read my blog: THE TOP 3 SECRETS to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts!

That’s it!

I like to look at everything I do online as a FUNNEL. Every piece of content you create should act as a vehicle for promoting your brand and working potential clients towards an eventual sale. Create media that is so good, potential clients will give you their contact info for more (email, phone number, social media pixel traffic, etc.)! Once the audience is warm and receptive to your free media/content, you can then market your PAID products/services to them as they will be more likely to convert. See how we worked our customers DOWN the funnel all via media?!


So besides creating great content to post on your various social media accounts and blogs, I like to take advantage of keyword-based organic Google search traffic, as we described in the steps above.

First, analyze your potential keywords for your domain names and content. We use Long Tail Pro for this

Next, upload a lead capture form on your keyword-based website. This is your “contact info trade” for more free content. Learn how here:

To take your lead capture (or LANDING PAGE) game to the next level and to learn my TOP 3 FUNNEL SECRETS, check out this blog post:

Then create blog posts, pages, videos, and other media to share on your keyword domain. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your content (pages/posts) and publish your WordPress blog to Google via your Search Console so your site gets crawled (

Finally, to increase your organic views ASAP, you need to increase your website clout. I do this with FREE backlinks! Learn how I get backlinks here:

Sit back and watch the organic leads flow in!

Thanks again students!

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