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Facebook Image Sizes

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What Facebook Image Sizes Should You Use?

Facebook image sizes” is a common search by anyone who uses Facebook regularly, has a Facebook page, or is using Facebook Ads.

In general, the best size for sharing images on Facebook is:

1,200 x 628 pixels

Most Facebook ads require this image size, plus posting 1,200 x 628 images to your Facebook page is optimal.

Facebook Page Cover Image and Profile Picture Size

Facebook Profile Picture Size = 400 x 400 pixels (creating the image this size ensures no pixelation on varying screen sizes)

Facebook Cover Image Size = 851 x 315 pixels

Facebook Post Image Sizes

Any square image you post to your Facebook page or profile will automatically be scaled to 400 x 400 pixels.

Facebook Ad Image Sizes

Your Facebook AD is the step at which you create your actual ad, select media, format, links, and more for your Facebook campaign.

Ad Formats: Depending on your Campaign Objective, you can select varying formats for your ad.

  • Image – Ad Specs and Facebook Images Guide

  • Video – Ad Specs and Facebook Video Guide

  • Carousel – Ad Specs and Facebook Carousel Guide

  • Slideshow – Ad Specs and Facebook Slideshow Guide

  • Collection – Ad Specs and Facebook Collection Guide

  • Instant Experience – Ad Specs and Facebook Instant Experience Guide

***Bookmark the hyperlinks above for future reference to the ever-updating Facebook ad specs, images sizes, etc.***

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