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Facebook Ads Manager

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Welcome to our Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery course! If you landed on this page via Google search, no worries, you can join our Facebook course which is included in our course bundle!


How I Get Returns from Facebook Ads for $0.01

The theme of our Facebook course is to OPTIMIZE your Facebook Ads so well that you can start getting results with as little as $0.01! You will learn how to get the BEST results with your Facebook Ads.

But REMEMBER… Rome wasn’t built in a day, BUT they did lay bricks every day! So you need to do the same each day with your Facebook Ads and business!

TL;DR... our most common campaign setup looks like this:

  • 1 Campaign (Top of Funnel)

  • 2 Ad Sets with broad targeting, for example: #1 Ad Set = United States, age 24-44; #2 Ad Set = target Lookalike Audience of past customers

  • 5 Ads under each Ad Set... with each Ad testing ONE variable (so you can easily identify the winning variables), such as different TEXT value propositions (e.g. hooks, CTAs, sales angles) and CREATIVES (e.g. videos, carousels, images, etc. -- PRO TIP: including HUMANS in your creatives = INCREASED conversions)

  • The goal is to A/B split test until you lower CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions) and increase CTR (Click Through Rate)... as you optimize your audience and ads, your CPM and CTR will improve and your CPC (Cost Per Click) will decrease!

  • Ad Sets need about 50 conversions in the first 10 days to exit the “Learning” phase. So while Sales (Conversion) campaigns clearly cost the most, the Facebook algorithm is smart enough to know that when you use a Sales (Conversion) objective campaign Facebook will ONLY target people MOST likely to convert (unlike a Traffic objective).

  • Professional Facebook ad agencies like ours use Sales (Conversion) objective campaigns nearly 100% of the time! For example, for a Top of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Lead" for the Conversion Event. For a Middle of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Add to Cart" for the Conversion Event. For a Bottom of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Purchase" for the Conversion Event.

Before You Begin Our Facebook Ads Course

We do dive right into the deep end (PROVIDING YOU A TON OF VALUE) and want to take you from 0 to 100 as soon as possible with everything Facebook!

We truly try to make everything super easy to understand, but we don’t want to waste too much of your time on intro material that you can learn quickly just by browsing your Facebook Ads Manager.


Spend about 1-hour browsing the free resources linked below! We try to always over-describe everything in the course, but we are NOT perfect! These links are a perfect warm-up to our course and great for learning the jargon we use. Please message us feedback/questions as you take our Facebook course so we can continue to improve the lectures!

Strategy for Running High-Performing Social Ads:

How to Write and Design Ads for Social Networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram):

Advertising acronym cheat sheet:

  • CPM — Cost-per-thousand. How much you pay per 1,000 ad impressions.

  • CPC — Cost-per-click. How much you pay per ad click.

  • CTR — Click-through-rate. The percentage of people who click your ad after seeing it.

  • CPA — Cost-per-action. The average $ amount spent to reach a conversion goal.

  • LTV — Lifetime value. How much revenue the average user makes you.

  • SaaS — Software-as-a-service. A software company whose product exists in the cloud.

4 Tips Before Getting Started With Our Facebook Ads Course

#1 – I highly suggest you watch the ENTIRE course first… take note of lectures you want to rewatch… THEN rewatch lectures as needed, and THEN begin taking action on Facebook!


  • Watch our entire Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery course and take note of the lectures you want to rewatch.

  • Create your Facebook page.

  • Create your Facebook Business Manager account at:

  • Create your Facebook ad account and install your Facebook pixel on your website.

  • Create your Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

  • Begin creating Facebook Ads and split testing ads.

***Don’t worry, I will cover what this all means in the upcoming lectures!

#2 – ALWAYS assume your business is going to be successful! As Tony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows!

So that said, I advise you START with a Facebook Business Manager account with the ASSUMPTION that your business will only be growing, requiring you to add Facebook pages, ad accounts, new websites/pixels, employees, etc.

So yes, we do JUMP RIGHT IN teaching you how to create a Facebook Business Manager in an upcoming lecture! DON’T WORRY! We’ll teach you EVERYTHING! With your personal profile, you can simply sign in and create a Facebook Business Manager for FREE!

***Facebook Business Manager enables you to manage your Facebook ad account, Facebook Page, and assign people to work on them — all in one place!

We get a lot of questions and “worry” from students after watching the “Facebook for Business” lecture. For example, a student messaged us worried because they don’t even have a Facebook Page yet!

DON’T WORRY! Take a deep breath! This is a necessary “chicken before the egg” lecture which you will understand as you advance further in this course. Typically students answer their own questions by the time they complete this course! Remember my #1 tip…

Watch the ENTIRE course first, TAKE NOTE of the lectures you want to rewatch, and THEN finally begin taking action on Facebook! After completing the course 100%, if you still have questions, please ask! We want everyone 5-STAR happy and everyone to have a total understanding of Facebook!

#3 – Via your Facebook Business Manager, you will create a new Facebook ad account, which comes with a new Facebook Pixel you will install on your website for tracking.

Take note of this…

  • ONE website PER Facebook ad account

  • ONE Facebook pixel PER website

  • ONE Facebook pixel is connected to ONE Facebook ad account

PRO TIP: Never overlap the tracking of various websites by installing one Facebook Pixel on multiple websites.

#4 – When you start creating Facebook ads and you are typing in your competitor’s Facebook page name into the Detailed Targeting field under the AD SET level, you will find that NOT ALL Facebook pages that you search for will appear. This is Facebook’s discretion which Facebook pages appear as a targeting option under the Detailed Targeting field under the AD SET level.

If your competitor’s page does not appear, NO WORRIES… you will get cheaper engagement anyway by targeting a BROAD audience (1,000,000+ size) to start with, then you can retarget this WARM AUDIENCE (people who went to your website, etc.) and/or even create a LOOKALIKE audience for future ads… so don’t fret if your competitor’s page doesn’t appear under Detailed Targeting! We’ll teach you how to create your OWN audience!!!

How to Begin Our Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Course

We are updating constantly our courses, so enjoy lifetime access to our evergreen course bundle the modMBA (which includes our top-rate Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery course):

TAKING OUR COURSE ON UDEMY? You can access the course via your MY LEARNING page at:

Remember, complete the course 100% first, writing down lectures you want to rewatch along the way (nearly 99% of your questions will be answered as you progress through the course). Plus, when you complete the course 100% you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” (automatically via the and emailed via Udemy: *click the CONTACT US button on this Udemy URL should you have an issue)

Facebook Course Layout

Section 1: You have just finished this introductory section, getting you ready for the course!

Section 2: Before you can create Facebook ads, you need to create a Facebook personal profile and Facebook Page for your business. Learn how to create and optimize your Facebook Page in this section!

Section 3: Now that you have a Facebook Page created, you can begin creating Facebook ads! Learn the fundamentals of Facebook ads in this section!

Section 4: To make the most of your Facebook ads, you need to harness the power of the Facebook pixel. Learn everything about the Facebook pixel, custom audiences, and how the pixel can capture your audience’s enabling you to retarget them with Facebook ads!

Section 5: There are many varying Facebook marketing objectives to choose from your for Facebook ads. Learn how to use each type of campaign objective in the correct way so you can drive customers down your varying sales funnels!

Section 6: Learn all about Facebook engagement and how to keep your audience’s attention!

Section 7: Learn all about the data, insights and reporting Facebook provides you!

Section 8: Learn how to expand into other Social Media platforms, besides Facebook!

Section 9: Watch us dive deep into common student FAQs!

Section 10: Learn how to create a Facebook Business Manager account and how to start a Facebook ads business/agency so you can create Facebook ads for other businesses and begin to profit for yourself!

Section 11: Learn how to create a Facebook Shops!

Section 12: Learn all the latest Facebook updates and resources Coursenvy uncovers!

Assignment #2 – Create a Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a Facebook tool that helps organize and manage your business. With it you can create/manage your Facebook ad account, Facebook Page, Instagram account, payment method, analytics, reporting, employee access, and more… all in one place!

Whether if you have one business OR if you have multiple brands/websites OR if you are an ad agency with multiple clients… I REQUIRE EVERYONE that wants to create Facebook Ads to first create a Facebook Business Manager account as that is where we work in and teach via this course.

In the next lecture “Facebook for Business”, you will create your Facebook Business Manager:

When you click the “MENU” button in the top left corner, the Facebook Business Manager menu will expand. This is the menu I reference for nearly everything we access throughout this course.

Outsource Your Facebook Ads

After completing this course, students typically arrive at one of two outcomes:

#1 – You will be 100% confident in running and scaling your own Facebook Ads!

#2 – You will confirm that you want to focus on what you do best (running your business) and hire us to professionally manage your online marketing!

Review our marketing agency packages at:

Continue Learning

Get access to ALL of our top-rated Facebook Ads and online marketing courses at

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  • For example, for a Top of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Lead" for the Conversion Event. For a Middle of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Add to Cart" for the Conversion Event. For a Bottom of Funnel campaign, we will select "Sales" for the objective and "Purchase" for the Conversion Event.

Where the objective and conversion should be selected in the above example?


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