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Facebook Ads 101 Cheat Sheet

Here’s your quick and easy Facebook Ads 101 cheat sheet!

1. Spend enough

You have to spend enough at the start to exit the Facebook ad learning phase.

Depending how much your product / service is, that’s generally at least $3k/mo.

2. Audience Size

You want your ad set audience to be between 3m and 20m audience size.

Test super-niche audiences (under 5m audience size) versus super broad audiences (over 50m audience size).

3. Budget Breakdown

Always start off with 20% of your budget on retargeting ads and 80% on new ads.

Then once your retargeting frequency score hits 6, switch those (80% of your budget on retargeting ads and 20% on new ads).

4. CPM Monitoring

Facebook ad beginners rarely take the time to understand what CPM is and how it works.

It’s how much Facebook charges you per 1,000 times your ad is see.

Learn how to track it, what’s normal for your industry, and how to lower it.

5. Always A/B test

You should always be testing a few completely different ads, audiences, and placements.

It’s the only way to really find success on the platform.


  1. Spend enough

  2. Perfect Audience Size

  3. Budget breakdown

  4. CPM Monitoring

  5. Always A/B test

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