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Course Envy Online Courses

Coursenvy… Course Envy… tomato, tamato! I’m glad you found us, and WELCOME to any new readers… thank you for checking out our site! If you love what we are doing, please share our website along with the hashtag #COURSENVY on ALL your social media accounts!

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If this is the first page you landed on… take a look around! Coursenvy is an online course provider with a primary focus in Marketing and eCommerce. We have hundreds of thousands of students in our classes… and I must say, the TESTIMONIALS are pretty epic (a 4.6/5.0 star average)!

To browse all our blog posts, just click this BLOG link and scroll through them, OR search for a specific keyword in the search box.

Interested in taking a course?! Awesome! Check out all our courses by clicking the EDUCATION tab.

With all our courses came a demand for us managing ads for clients. Interested in outsourcing your marketing work? Just click the SERVICES tab in the menu.

Looking for the tools and resources we personally use? Head over to our RESOURCES page.

We also love it when students email us feedback and suggestions. Nearly 100% of our blog posts have come from a student’s question about a specific subject… so please CONTACT us with any questions!

Thanks again for stopping by and we advise you to join one of our FREE ONLINE COURSES today! Join now at:

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