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With over 500 clients, 80,000+ marketing students, and just over 20 years of experience in custom WordPress development, search engine optimization, and content promotion via PPC and Social Media… we know our way around the web! See if your company is a fit with our services by messaging us in the form below!

Our client onboarding is very limited, as we don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin for current clients. We welcome all requests, but do note, we are very selective and will let you know either way if we can take you on or not. Simply send us your website (if you have one), keywords (Google search terms) you want to rank for, and any other marketing questions you may have:





-Keyword Research

-SEO (On and Off-Site Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps, Google Business)

-Custom WordPress Website Development

-Social Media Management (Paid Ads, Retargeting Implementation, and/or Content Creation)

-Podcast Management



Our typical client in Los Angeles is searching for “SEO Los Angeles” or “SEO Los Angeles SEO“. They are a business owner, brand, influencer, etc. looking for that competitive edge by ranking in Google search results. These companies are smart and they know enough about marketing and SEO to be educated while hiring for these tasks. They know SEO has gotten a bad rap in recent years with Google algorithm updates. The only reason SEO has gotten a bad rap is because of the Black Hat SEO techniques used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. BUT what many don’t realize is that the White Hat SEO marketers (like Coursenvy) have road through these “storms” of Google algorithm updates without any issues!

SEO is now more important than ever! Why you ask? Paid traffic has grown so quickly and ads have unfortunately overpowered many search engines (up to 80% of some search results are ads) and nearly 50% of some social media feeds; therefore the use of ad blocking software has increased by 48% in 2015 equaling over 50 million people in the USA blocking paid ads from displaying (talk about a waste of money!) This is why we are continuing to have such great success with SEO, content creation, keyword optimization and more, with our clients! Yes, ads are an important part of diversifying your marketing, but organic ranking and SEO is #1 in our book.



We have many clients of different sizes. Depending on how competitive your industry is, and how much work needs to be done to your website will determine the cost. Most local and small businesses pay between $2000-$2500/month for our SEO services to rank them for specific keywords. Then as our clients get increased revenue from organic traffic (usually after 2-3 months of our SEO work), they hire us for additional development and marketing services.

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