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With over 500 happy marketing clients and 200,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ marketing students, we are one of the TOP-RATED digital marketing agencies! Our client onboarding is very limited, as we don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin for current clients. We welcome all requests, but do note, we are very selective and will let you know either way if we can take you on or not.

Do you want to focus on what you do best (managing your own business) and let us professionally manage your online advertising?

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Yes, this service is our bread and butter! We have been using the Facebook Ads platform since 2012!

Here are the services provided for Facebook:

– Determine Marketing Objectives (Brand Awareness, Leads, Sales, etc) and Brand Review
– Demographic Research and Analysis
– Performance Optimization
– Pixel Installation and Testing
– Ad Copy + Creative A/B Testing + Landing Page Optimization
– Creation of custom audiences based on past customers, website visitors, mailing list, etc
– Unlimited Ad Creation/Management
– Daily Campaign Tracking
– Segment Website Visitors into Useable Customer Lists
– Create Dynamic Product Ads (using Shopify Product Feed)
– Create and Implement Retargeting funnel
– Test different creatives/offers for each step of the funnel (initial interaction to conversion)
– Use Existing Site Visitor Information to Build Lookalike Audiences for Other Marketing Campaigns

Once you pay, we will simply send you instructions for adding us to your Facebook Ads Manager account! Our monthly rate is due on the 1st of the month before we begin working. As for ad budgeting, we will stay within your desired monthly ad spend level, but make suggestions as we scale up your ads successfully.

CAN JUSTIN HELP ME __________?

Yes, but my time is nearly 100% dedicated to course creation and working with my current clients! So feel free to contact me for one-on-one consulting, but know I am very selective and my schedule is very limited for personal consultation calls:


Whether if you need just a little consulting or full-blown ads management, contact us today!