Seed Keyword Generator

When starting out with keyword research, all my clients can quickly identify 5-10 seed keyword/s. BUT they all tend to be short tail keywords (1 to 2 word phrases). Short tail keywords are VERY difficult to rank for in Google search, therefore you should try to identify and rank for as many long tail keywords as possible!

Seed Keyword Generator

We help our clients identify long tail keywords by taking a short tail seed keyword and adding common long tail filler keywords to them! We have identified that nearly all keyword searches fall into two “niches” of searches.

#1 – Buyer Searches

What words do buyers pair with keywords in search engines? This is a great way to extend a single keyword into a long tail keyword!

-Best (Top, Top rated, New, etc.) ___ (EXAMPLE: Best salsa recipe)

-___ for women (moms, men, kids, dogs, hobby, hikers, etc.)

-___ reviews

-Where to buy ___

-Cheap (lowest price, discount, deals, luxury, expensive) ___

-___ on sale (coupon code, for sale, promo, promo code, special)

-___ under $xx

-___ VS ___

-Buy ___


#2 – Info Seeking Searches

The second niche of online searchers I target are info seekers! So pair your seed keyword with some of these terms to create long tail keywords.

-How to (Guide to, How do you) ___ (EXAMPLE: How to fix a leaking air conditioner)

-Find actual questions people ask online:

-Easy ___

-Top 10 (Top X, Best X) ___

-___ tutorial (training, course, how to, guide, instructions)

-DIY ___

-___ VS ___

-Easy (Eliminate, Get rid of, Prevent, Fix, Cure) ___

-Compare (Comparison) ___

Keyword Research Tool of Choice

We use the keyword research tool Long Tail Pro for all our clients. Learn more about the software and give it a test run with our Long Tail Pro trial at:

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