My Secret for Growing an Instagram Following

What is my secret to growing over 500 Coursenvy clients Instagram following by an average of 1500% in under a year?

One of our client’s favorite parts of us managing their social media for them is growing their Instagram following! While social media ads, for the most part, are how we grow the following for our clients Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, etc., Instagram is still one of the platforms that we see the highest follow rate from via MANUAL engagement with our target audiences. As I’m sure most of you know firsthand, this process of manually engaging, commenting, liking and following users on Instagram is a timely process. Plus with the updates by Instagram, the use of bots to do these tasks are no longer allowed, causing many Instagram bot websites to be shut down (see R.I.P. Instagress).

We are upfront with our clients and tell them we do outsource this part of their monthly social media marketing budget to a third party at cost. Who is this company we trust for outsourcing our Instagram work, you may be asking? Kickstagram

Kickstagram collaborates with us to design and develop a campaign that connects our client’s with the people who love what their Instagram handle and brand is all about. Click the banner below to give Kickstagram a try:

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5 Reasons Your Brand Should Build a Booming Instagram Following (on Autopilot) With Kickstagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is also one of the best places for businesses to establish a strong brand with a solid following. As a marketer, you know this; however, the question of how to grow your Instagram audience remains.

Getting from Point A to Point B is easier said than done, but it’s absolutely vital for your business that you cultivate a strong Instagram presence.

Instagram functions differently than platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s precisely because of these differences that Instagram can be such a valuable tool for your business. The following are five reasons why you should be working today to build up a strong Instagram following.

1) It’s Where Everyone Is

At this moment, there are about 800 million active Instagram users—and that number is only going up. If your business is not currently on Instagram, you missed the chance to get in on the ground floor.

Regardless, you still have the chance to integrate your brand into a continually growing community and make yourself a staple there. A social platform that appeals primarily to young people, Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers that will stay with you for a long time.

2) It’s Simple

If you’re scrolling through Instagram, you can do either one of two things—you can keep scrolling, or you can stop and like the picture you saw. That’s it. There’s no sharing, no bevy of possible reaction emojis, and—praise be—no FarmVille (somehow still in existence in 2017).

If Facebook is an iPhone X, Instagram is an old school iPod Shuffle. It does one thing, and the one thing it does is exactly what you want it to do. Sure, sometimes you need to send a text or write an email, but most of the time, you don’t need anything more than a simple, tiny box to play music on.

Instagram takes away the mess and distractions and leaves users with exactly what they want. If you can figure out how to grow your Instagram audience, it can be the perfect platform for you. 

3) It’s Safe

Perhaps because of the simplicity of the platform, Instagram has become one of the last internet refuges from the political maelstrom that has racked its competition. As an example, our current president has 42.4 followers on Twitter. On Instagram? Just 7.9.

Regardless of your political leanings, it’s valuable to escape the bickering that has overtaken most of social media. There’s a time for debate, but there’s also a time for looking at pictures of dogs, mountains, and sandwiches. This is what Instagram’s for.

If you can tap into this vibe, you’ll gain appreciative customers who follow because they want to be impressed by what you post, not argue over it.

4) It’s Perfect for Visual Marketing

You know the saying—a picture equals a thousand words. The ability to tell a story without having to write it out is huge in terms of getting an audience to pay attention and actually ingest what you want them to know.

The human brain processes images much more quickly than text. What’s more, they’ll also be more likely to remember an image you post than standalone text.

Instagram, of course, is designed perfectly to take advantage of this. The platform’s singular format makes visuals the clear priority and will allow you to maximize your visual content.

5) It’s the Best Way to Show Off Your Brand’s Identify

More so than any feature, Instagram is a great way for you to give your audience an authentic picture of who you are as a company.

Whether it be by using your Story to give your followers an inside look at how your products are made, or through a simple post, Instagram is set up in such a way that your true colors can naturally shine through.

Use Instagram to give your followers a “peek behind the curtain,” as it were. This goes a long way in establishing credibility for your business. Most of all, it creates a bond between you and them. Through Instagram, you can develop lifelong clients through the connection you make with them.

Give Kickstagram a try for just ONE QUARTER (like we did!) and you’ll see why we (and our clients) are hooked! Click the TRY NOW button below:

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