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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin explained and made simple!

Do get what bitcoin is? Confused by the concept of cryptocurrencies? FEAR NOT! Watch the video below to explain what bitcoin actually is, where the idea for it came from and the impact Bitcoin and crypto is having around the world.

Are you ready to jump in and buy your first Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin?

  • Step #1 – Create a Coinbase account (CLICK HERE for a free $10 worth of Bitcoin)

  • Step #2 – Fund your Coinbase account with USD. Treat this new account like you would a new stock exchange account.

  • Step #3 – Get a crypto cold hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrency safely offline:

  • Step #4 – Install and set up a 2-Factor Authentication (Two Factor Authentication) on your smartphone, such as “Google Authenticator”. By doing this, when you sign in to your Coinbase account, you will be prompted to also input a 6 digit code from your Google Authenticator app, therefore adding a second layer of security when signing into your Coinbase account.

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