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Way of The Wolf by Jordan Belfort Book Summary

Book Summary — Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success by Jordan Belfort

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#1 – No matter what your perceptions are of selling or the circumstances involving a sale, each sale is the same. The reason for it is that the entire process simply involves moving the prospect from opening towards the closing the sale in a straight line.

#2 – There are five important steps to undertake in order to ensure you reach the goal of a sale. The first step is to know everything about your prospect that is related to the sale. This includes their core needs and problems they are facing. Uncovering the vital information, which will impact the sale, depends on the good relations you are concurrently forming.

#3 – Once you have determined the pain points of the prospect, the next step is to add on those to create a sense of urgency. For example, a countdown timer on your website until your sale ends.

#4 – The final three steps, which involve conveying logical information about what you’re selling and emotionally connecting it to your prospect, are related to the THREE TENS concept.

Three Tens are composed of three key points with the context of a prospect’s certainty gauged by a scale of 1 to 10.

First of Three Tens is that your prospect must think that what you’re selling is the best and that is why they love it! Second, your prospect needs to trust you. Third, your prospect needs to know about your company or the company that you work for and trust it. Get the prospect to 10 on all 3 of these metrics and you will close the sale!

#5 – If a prospect is currently at a “one,” he is absolutely uncertain. Conversely, if it is at a ten, he is absolutely certain.

Bear in mind that there are two types of certainty: logical and emotional.

Logical certainty is based on the words you say. This is how you can get your prospect to trust you and your company or the company you work for. Meanwhile, emotional certainty is based on the gut feeling the prospect gets about what you are selling and if it is valuable to the prospect or not. This depends on how much you create positive feelings for the prospect. The more positive feelings, the faster you will achieve a sale.

#6 – Immensely increasing the chances of a sale or closing the sale altogether means building absolute logical and emotional certainty for each of the Three Tens. Thus, everything that comes out of your mouth should aid in increasing the prospect’s level of certainty.

#7 – Make the first FOUR SECONDS matter in your personal encounter with your prospect. It takes such amount of time for a prospect to decide whether interacting with you is worth their time.

How you establish yourself when you approach your prospect is important and you should remember three things. Sound and act knowledgeable to establish in the mind of your prospect that you can help them. Be full of energy to form the idea in the prospect’s mind that what you are offering is awesome. Lastly, assure your prospect that you are an authoritative figure to gain respect from him. All of this must concur through your positive body language, smile, standing tall, and tonality as part of your rapport. Also make sure to be mindful of your prospects time and be straightforward as possible.

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