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Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Facebook Ads Agency

Hiring a Facebook Ads Agency?

  1. Book a call with the Facebook Ads Agency to discuss your needs. Not all agencies are a fit.

  2. Ask how long they have you been running Facebook Ads for clients and what type of businesses have you worked with?

  3. Ask them what their process is for running/testing Facebook Ads and what is included in the Facebook Ads package?

  4. Avoid any agency that requires more than a 3-month contract (we personally offer month to month because we are confident in our skills).

  5. Avoid companies with sign up fees. This is a sign they have a high churn rate and want to make their money month #1 (we don’t have a sign-up fee and our client retention rate is just over 95% for 500+ clients!)

We would love to hop on a free marketing strategy call with you and become your Facebook Ad Agency! Check out our marketing packages at:

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