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Robinhood Alternative

Are you looking for a Robinhood alternative? Or maybe you are a first-time trader and want to know your best trading platform options? Well, we have tested many online brokerage apps and websites, and we have found a clear winner (plus they give you a FREE “slice” of stock just for signing up)!

The Public stock app:

Why Choose the Public Investment App?

My favorite aspect of the Public trading app is that you can buy any stock with any amount of money. You don’t need to buy an entire share, rather you can buy just a “slice” of stock (as Public refers to it)! Simply buy and sell stocks in real-time using dollar amounts, not the number of shares.

My second favorite thing about is its commission-free trading. You can trade as much as you want, without paying any commission. Many other online brokerages charge you for the purchase and sale of each stock!

Plus every dollar you invest via Public is insured automatically by SIPC for up to $500,000.

Here are a few more reasons why the Public stock trading app is the best Robinhood alternative!

How to Invest in Stocks with Public Investing App

Public Investing App Review

What I love most about the Public investing app is the SUPER simple user interface making getting started with investing the opposite of intimidating! Along with this easy to follow layout, the SOCIAL aspect of Public is the best!

It’s like a stock only Twitter feed on your Public home tab. You can follow, research, watch, post, and learn from other investors! Public is truly an investing social network. Besides looking at other users’ ACTUAL portfolio, you can seek out like-minded investors or subject matter experts to help you make trading decisions.

For example, you can check out our actual stock portfolio at:

I also like how easily you can share your trades and wins via other social platforms (like Instagram). For example, when you take a screenshot in the app, you will be asked if you want to share the screenshot… pretty cool!

Compared to some of the old incumbent online brokerages, trading could not be simpler in the Public trading app. Once you sign up for an account, snap a photo of your ID, add your Social Security Number, link your bank account… you are ready for trading (this took me under 3 minutes)!

Join the Public Stock App + Get Free Stock:

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