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NFT Marketing

Learn how to create NFTs and sell them to your community, email list, and social media following!

Our Coursenvy agency creates NFTs as a Service!

Profit from your brand’s IP (intellectual property) by selling it as NFTs!

Contact us today with your NFT creation needs:

How to Create an NFT

NFT Case Study

Our most recent “NFT as a Service” client approached us with a desire to ride the current NFT market boom!

They had some “stale IP” that they wanted to sell in NFT form. I personally love this resurgence of stale IP in NFT form sold to a brand’s active social following and community! Whether this is an old video game creating collectible art, or an Instagram influencer creating rare private videos/photos for their fans in NFT form.

For our latest NFT client, we created a “trading card” esque image from their old magazine photos. We created a limited quantity of these rare NFTs for sale to create scarcity!

The sales alone brought in thousands of dollars in income the brand would have never made, but the press and brand awareness they received from this NFT buzz was by far the best ROI for them!

Contact us today with your brands NFT idea:

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