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Marketing Client Proposal Contract

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Did you just finish our How to Start a Marketing Ad Agency course? If not, take it here:

We have helped over 100,000 students launch their own businesses online… and specifically helped over 1,000 students launch their own ad agency so they could be hired to manage online marketing for other businesses (both online and local brick & mortar businesses).

So you have the marketing knowledge, you have some potential clients… NOW WHAT?! You need to close the deal with a professional-client survey, client proposal, and client contract!

Client Survey

The first step to locking up a contract with your new potential marketing client is collecting information about their company! I do this one of two ways…

1. Create a contact page on your ad agency website asking potential clients questions specific to the marketing service you offer.

2. Create a lead generation page on your ad agency website offering a “FREE MARKETING AUDIT!” You can simply use a contact form builder plugin like Contact Form 7, a custom form in your ConvertKit email marketing platform, or even by creating a Mailchimp Landing Page.

Simply ask these potential clients who land on your FREE MARKETING AUDIT page questions specific to the marketing service you offer. Here are some examples:

-Company Website

-Company Email

-Company Telephone

-Company Address (if you offer local SEO services and need to see their Google Map, Yelp, etc. online presence)

-Company’s Services/Products

-Company’s Top Competitors

-Company’s Current Website Traffic & Sales

-Company’s Website Traffic & Sales Goals

-Company’s Social Media Handles

-Any Current PPC Ads?

Online Marketing Proposals & Contracts

Now you being the online marketing professional you are… you can quickly analyze this potential client’s online presence and draft an “audit” (or Client Proposal) of how you plan to fix/enhance/market this person’s business (see the Coursenvy’s Facebook Marketing Proposal/Contract link below for a nice starter template for your audit/proposal)!

***ALWAYS contact a lawyer before signing a contract! Here are some template contracts we have used with clients in the past, but they are EXAMPLES only! We are not lawyers!

-Embed a free SEO audit tool on your agency’s site:

-Independent Contractor Agreement Template:

Good luck landing many new marketing clients!

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