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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Search

When searching for new potential clients, we at Coursenvy turn to LinkedIn, specifically LinkedIn Sales Navigator! With this advanced search tool you can find the EXACT type of professional you are seeking. Let me share with you our detailed filters that output the best results.

BONUS! Here is the software I use to automate my LinkedIn outreach:

As you can see in the screenshot above, I created an Advanced Search for Leads. My goal is to find the DECISION MAKERS at the company (i.e. the founder or owner), so I will filter out any LinkedIn users that are not who I want exactly. Below I will share field by field my exact inputs/selections in the left FILTER sidebar.


Paste in the following:

  • NOT “retired” NOT “intern” NOT “assistant” NOT “associate” NOT “student” NOT “aspiring” NOT “seeking” NOT “new opportunities”

Past Lead and Account Activity


  • Remove contacted Leads from search


Type in the city or country you want to find leads in. The more exact the better.


Include the keyword or keywords you want to appear in the user’s company field. For example, Dentist or Dental for targeting the dentistry industry.

Make sure to select CURRENT to search on users with those keywords for the company they are working at now.

Company Headcount

Depending on what type of company you are seeking, select the total employees the company should have here. For a small, self-owned business, I will select:

  • Self-employed

  • 1-10

  • 11-50

Seniority Level

In order to target the decision-maker at a company, you want their seniority level the highest possible.

Type in:

  • Owner


For the LinkedIn user’s title, select CURRENT and type in:

  • founder

  • owner

Then make sure to exclude any random sales or training people in this niche by excluding from the title:

  • Consultant

  • Instructor

  • Manager

  • Sales

  • Supervisor

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