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Ledger Wallet Setup - How to Safely Store Bitcoin

Updated: May 5

Everyone should buy a Ledger hardware wallet to safely store your cryptocurrency offline and off of exchanges like Coinbase.

Anytime your crypto is online, there is a chance it could be stolen. Just Google “Mt. Gox Disaster, $460 Million Bitcoin Gone”!

STEP #1:

Buy a Ledger wallet via our partner link below for a free $25 + crypto starter pack:

Ledger Nano X Unboxing + Ledger Nano X Setup

Cryptocurrency Recovery Phrase Cards

In case you lose or break your Ledger Nano, you can still retrieve your crypto via your Recovery Phrase.

Your 24-word recovery phrase must be kept secure (such as writing it down on these cards sent with your Ledger crypto wallet and storing it in a safe).

NEVER enter your Recovery Phrase into a computer or smartphone and NEVER share it with anyone! This is your only backup to the crypto assets stored on your Ledger hardware wallet.

Buy a Ledger hardware wallet via our partner link for a free $25 + crypto starter pack:

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