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Landing Pages 101

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Landing Pages / Lead Capture Pages are a page on your website that is used to capture email addresses. Your goal is to funnel the user through valuable content, then provide an item of value in exchange for their email address (i.e. more content, product, ebook, etc.)! Our favorite landing page creator is ClickFunnels: (the founder is in the video below!)

We at Coursenvy also love all the great content Kissmetrics publishes! Make sure to check out their Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages.

Leadpages – The #1 Rated Landing Page Builder

Many of our clients use the software Leadpages to build and host their landing pages (i.e. opt-in pages, lead capture pages, squeeze pages, etc.) Lead Capture Pages are a KEY part of our business. You want to attract people to your website, blog, etc. with great content. Then offer that user MORE great content in exchange for their email address on a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE (Landing Page). Then once you have the email, we can promote your product or service for sale!

This is the process of leading your customer DOWN THE MARKETING FUNNEL!

Check out this Leadpages mini-course and all their other free Landing Pages/ Marketing courses here:

What software do we LOVE just as much as Leadpages?

My top 3 secrets to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts are… [click the link below to continue reading this blog post]

ConvertKit – Email Marketing meets Landing Page

We have switched from MailChimp to Aweber to a few other email marketing platforms, to finally land on our current favorite, ConvertKit! The nice thing about the ConvertKit software is that in perfectly integrates easy-to-build landing pages WITH your email service provider… therefore making really segmented email lists a breeze. For example, if someone signs up via a form or landing pages on one of my websites, I will know exactly where that user signed up and they will start receiving autoresponder emails right away! Learn more about ConvertKit with our free course at:

Unbounce – A Solid Choice for Landing Page Building

Whether you’re a newbie landing page creator or the best of the best, Unbounce makes it easy to build custom landing pages for any campaign and boost your conversions. Now, check out Unbounce’s amazing Landing Page Tutorial.

Still have questions about growing your email list?

Sign-up for our mini-course on How to Grow Your Email List to 1,200+ in 30 Days with FREE Traffic! Just submit your email in the form below:

17 Elements of the Perfect Sales Page

  1. great headline

  2. stats – backup your claims

  3. images – high quality graphics

  4. about – why people want to learn from you, tie in your story to benefits from what you are selling, and why trust you

  5. press logos – where have you been featured, CLOUT

  6. video – quick tutorials/tours

  7. course outline – focus on typing YOU

  8. pricing compare – what value at each tier

  9. pricing tiers – intro offer and VIP

  10. bonus – 2-3 bonus items

  11. testimonials

  12. guarantee – 30 or 60 day, but hold them accountable

  13. payment options – discount $997 or 12 mo $97

  14. call to action – tell people exactly what you want them to do “click here to enroll” bright and stands out

  15. live chat – offer instant help or FAQ section

  16. countdown timer

  17. who is this for – be specific

BONUS: Include an automatic email sequence for new students about getting back in the course and offering help… continue to offer value and upsell when fitting!


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