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How to Start a Podcast

Looking for “How to Start a Podcast”? Well, you landed in the right place! Podcasts are a perfect way for any niche or business to create a new lead generation strategy and potentially a new stream of income! We walk you step by step how to start a podcast in our FREE course on!

Click this link to join the course for FREE:

The rest of this blog post includes a few key topics from the podcasting course described in much greater detail. We will CONSTANTLY be updating this podcast resource page, so bookmark this and check back often.


Podcasting Equipment 101

Podcast Editing Tutorials (Audacity for PC -- GarageBand for Mac)

Top Podcast Directories to Publish your Podcast On

Submit your podcast feed URL to the following podcast directories for the maximum exposure of your podcast! We personally use the FREE podcast platform:

How to Start a Podcast MUST READS

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How to Promote Your New Podcast:

My Podcast Case Study

Like any proper “online scientist” you have to test what you learn! So I did just that and started a podcast!

As I describe in our “How to Start a Podcast” course, knowing your WHY for creating a podcast first is the most important thing! Knowing your why is the most crucial question to answer before you launch your podcast because if your why isn’t strong enough, you will quickly burn out and quit recording new episodes after a few months. I tell my students you need to be willing to commit to a podcast for a minimum of 12 months. You have to be willing to record and release podcast after podcast with the assumption that NOBODY is going to download or listen to your podcast, and that you will make ZERO dollars. You are creating this podcast because you just love it so much! Now, this blog and our podcasting course will help ensure you do get downloads and listeners, but it is best to assume your podcast won’t be a huge success.

Step 1: Create an AVATAR of your perfect listener!

What podcasts are lacking in your niche? What problem has still gone unsolved for your avatar that your podcast could solve?

Step 2: Pick your niche!

The key to picking your niche and potentially the next big idea in the podcasting world, is finding where your loves and skills overlap. You never want to get burnt out on your podcast, so that is why you should pick a podcast topic you not only enjoy, but are an expert at as well.

Step 3: Buy the proper equipment and software!

I prefer USB mics mounted on a boom arm, with a pop filter. The Blue Snowball is my USB mic of choice! As for recording and editing software, the best (and FREE) is GarageBand for Mac or Audacity for PC. Here is my podcast setup!

Step 4: Plan, Practice, and Promote!

Test your equipment. Plan your podcast outline, format, questions, segments, music, intro, outro, etc. Practice a mock interview/recording. Be OVERPREPARED for your first podcast!

Record your first episode and get it published on your podcast host (we love Libsyn). Now it is time to submit your first podcast episode to iTunes/Apple Podcasts at:

Your goal is to get in the “New & Noteworthy” section of iTunes within the first 8 weeks of launching your podcast! These first 8 weeks are crucial for your long-term success. Promote your podcast anywhere and everywhere. Share it with your current email list. Have your guests on the podcast share it with their email list and/or social media. If you have the budget for ad spend, use ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter targeted at your “avatar” or niche demographic.

Run a giveaway contest to get reviews on iTunes… basically make a review on your iTunes podcast the “entry” and then your prize can be anything from a gift card, to Bitcoin, to t-shirts, etc.!

Start a unique hashtag for your podcast. This will build in clout over time as you consistently use it again and again on all social networks. For example, #morningenvy

How to Start a Podcast… YOUR TURN!

It’s your turn! START A PODCAST! Take action today!

Get people to subscribe to your podcast on iTunes and give me a 5-star review… by subscribing they will automatically download your latest podcast on your podcast app of choice… then by leaving you a 5-star review they are further helping your podcast rank in search results. The iTunes algorithm's two most important metrics for ranking podcasts are total 5-star reviews and the total number of podcast downloads per episode.

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