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How to Sell Info Products

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

TOP 3 MUST-HAVE Components for Selling Info Products:

#1 – Build the ULTIMATE Version of your Product

If you are selling a video course on a specific subject, don’t JUST include videos. Make your info product the ULTIMATE version to stand out from competitors. Add the following items to your offering:

  • PDF Instruction Manuals

  • FREE Add-on product/service -Checklist (i.e. step by step way to create a Facebook Ad)

  • 1 on 1 consulting

  • Private forum for members

  • Webinars leading up to your launch date

  • FREE software tool

  • Live events or teleconference

#2 – Make the Purchase RISK-FREE

Customers don’t know you… and even if they do, they still may not trust your info product! Eliminate that financial risk and offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Or how about a FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT or a timed guarantee like X months. Give your new customers a sense of ease when purchasing your product and let them know they have a way out.

#3 – Make your Product SCARCE

If people have time to mull over purchasing a product… they RARELY will. If they want your info product, force them to take action! I prefer these types of clients/customers anyway! TEST only selling your product every once in a while (i.e. quarterly). Build up that sense of urgency to buy with the power of SCARCITY! Or test increasing the price as it gets to launch date. You have to commit though… between product launches/sales, you need to FULLY remove your product off the market!

BONUS #4 – Upsell Customers in your Sales Funnel

My top 3 secrets to creating a lead generation sales funnel that converts are…

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