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How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon

My clients often ask me, how do I get my products on Amazon ranking in the #1 position?

Here is my favorite ranking formula that I use for my business and my clients every day. It helps me rank products within 8 to 16 days and it works like a charm!

Step #1 – Install Helium 10 for Free

First, head over to to install your Helium 10 chrome extension for FREE!

The keyword research you can perform with Helium 10 is also a bonus (so you know which keywords to target).

Step #2 – Create Your Ranking Formula

The ranking formula I am talking about is called the “2-step storefront URL on Amazon“. This is the URL you will share with your customers when promoting your giveaway (or heavily discounted product) that will help boost your Amazon ranking!

Here is a tutorial for creating the 2-step storefront URL:

How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon

Using the Helium 10 tool Cerebro we can find the Cerebro Product Rank or CPR…. then know how many items to give away to rank for that keyword. Pairing CPR with the 2-step URL is my secret sauce for ranking products on Amazon! Learn more here:

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