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How to Create a Viral Video

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Are you taking advantage of videos yet on social media? Facebook and Instagram engagement rates are through the roof on video versus everything else (images and/or text only). So NOW is the time to begin creating videos the CORRECT way so they have the best chance to go viral! We have put together this VIRAL VIDEO GROWTH HACK guide just for our Coursenvy followers so you too can learn how to create a viral video!

Viral videos have a repeatable formula that not many people understand, nor follow and it really comes down to just a few simple steps. Let me show you an example:

Viral Video Example

At the time of creating this post, one of my favorite viral video examples is Beat Pain With Progress by Jonathan Jacques (with over 30 million views):

#1 Viral Video Growth Hack – The Thumbnail

Look at this videos thumbnail (the still image uploaded for the video preview). That is an AMAZING thumbnail that will INSTANTLY stop a user scrolling through their feed! Your goal is to find the most engaging freeze frame from the video, screenshot it and then use it to create your thumbnail image file.

So after years of split testing and millions in ad spend, my best-performing thumbnails for videos always come back to TWO key factors. Images that are a freeze frame of ACTION and that PIQUE CURIOSITY.

This example above does both. The video creator has a needle in the frame and is squinting prepping for the balloon to pop. This is the perfect ACTION shot capture! As for PIQUING CURIOSITY, the image does help with this too, but it is the thumbnail black bar text above and below the video that will really help you do this!

Simply use your video editor to place your high def video in the center of a black square frame (just Google your “video editor software name + format square video”). Typically we film videos in 1080p, so I will create a 1080×1080 pixel black box, drag the video to the exact center of the black box, then use the remaining black bar area on the top and bottom of the video to add this CURIOSITY text/headline.

As for this examples text, it’s perfect! “MAGICIAN REVEALS SECRET TO OVERCOMING PAIN”… umm, yes please! I want to know how to overcome pain… CLICK! Make the users “click” a no brainer/must do decision!

BONUS TIP – While editing your video, add captions to your video in real time. A high percentage of users watch social media videos muted, so enabling the user to read along as the video plays on mute is crucial to increased engagement. Again, in your video editor add a text box over the bottom of your video and update/add captions as the video plays. I like to use a bold white font, with a black drop shadow on the text so it can be read over any video colors playing under it.

#2 Viral Video Growth Hack – The Appeal/Hook

For a video to go viral, you need MILLIONS of people interested in watching it. So for this reason, you need to create a video on a topic that APPEALS to a wide range of people (i.e. over 30 million like this video example!)

Look at this curiosity piquing video text/headline: “MAGICIAN REVEALS SECRET TO OVERCOMING PAIN”. Everyone has pain to overcome, so this will be appealing to a large amount of people!

So once you have a topic that many people can relate to, an ACTION image, and a CURIOSITY PIQUING black bar text/headline… now is time for the video itself. The HOOK or first 3-5 seconds is very important. Don’t waste this time stating something obvious or stating something the viewer won’t care about (e.g. “Hi, my name is Mr. Youdontcare!”)

Again, look at this video example… “Have you ever experienced pain?” is the first line… again, uhhh YES! This video is APPEALING to and HOOKING the entire world… talk about a broad audience! This is your goal. Hook them with a statement or question in the first few seconds of the video.

#3 Viral Video Growth Hack – The CTA

He ASKS/TELLS the viewer exactly what he wants them to do. SHARE to help someone you know overcome pain and LIKE my page for more! These are Call-to-Actions at their finest!

SPECIAL BONUS: #4 Viral Video Growth Hack – The Distribution

Now if you don’t have the money to spend to start paying to promote your video, then you need to learn the DISTRIBUTION HACKS that I learned directly from the OWNER of this viral video we have been discussing…

YES… THAT’S RIGHT! I recently met Viral Expert, Jonathan Jacques, and asked him all about how he has made multiple videos go viral. My favorite reply was his answer to this question:

“How does having millions of views impact your life and your business?”

Are you ready for his answer?

He told me, “It changed EVERYTHING! When you put out content on social media (and know how to get it seen by millions of people), you NEVER KNOW who might be watching! Because of social media alone, I’ve been presented with opportunities that I never imagined possible.”

Believe me, he’s not kidding!!

Jon has been able to predictably drive over 100 Million views to his videos (in a 10 month span)!

Because of this massive exposure…

📷 Ellen DeGeneres signed him to a video series as a part of her show.

🌴 Travel companies offer him first-class trips for FREE!

💵 His income multiplied 10-fold.

🌟 Warner Brothers even asked him to tour the country with Sylvester Stallone to promote the CREED movies!

So in short, no matter what your product, service, or message is… it’s proven that getting it out to the masses can skyrocket your success!

In his best-selling course, Viral Secrets, Jon breaks down how he got over 30 Million views – without spending $1 on ads! YES… 100% organic traffic!

Viral Secrets is a 4-hour video course, that includes his Top 100 Viral Headlines Guide. It reveals the little-known secrets to making your content viral!

The craziest part… Jon reserved 450 spots for my community – once they’re gone, that’s it!

If you want to learn how to go viral and get your message out to millions, click below to pick up Viral Secrets (limited to the first 450 people):

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Creating a viral video is often seen as the holy grail of online content creation, but it's also one of the most elusive goals. While there's no guaranteed formula for virality, there are certainly strategies and techniques that can increase the likelihood of success. Understanding your target audience, tapping into current trends, and crafting compelling, shareable content are all key elements. However, it's important to remember that virality can be unpredictable, and even the most carefully planned videos may not achieve widespread success. Ultimately, focusing on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience is the best approach, regardless of whether it goes viral or not. Get more Views on YouTube Shorts and be a successful musician.

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