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Should I Buy a Herman Miller Aeron Used Office Chair - Pros and Cons

If you have landed on this blog post, you have most likely gone down the wormhole Google search of “What is the best office chair?”, “What is the most ergonomic office chair?” I’ll save you the hours of office chair research and tell you the result. Over 95% of the office chair analysis we read and watched online claimed the Herman Miller Aeron office chair as the winner. But with a $1500+ price tag, this leads many to the second most common Google search: “How to buy a Herman Miller Aeron used office chair?” TL:DR: Buy a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair at – They’ve been selling high-end office and home seating for over 20 years!

Should I Buy a Herman Miller Aeron Used Office Chair – Pros and Cons

Let’s start with WHY the Herman Miller Aeron chair is #1 in nearly every “top office chair review”. With over 8 million sold, Aeron is the most recognized ergonomic office chair on the market. The Aeron’s design supports a range of postures, adjustability, and body types. This office chair was built for every type of human to sit safely and comfortably for extended hours.

Sitting for long hours every day can lead to severe health issues. Thus, it becomes necessary to choose an ergonomic chair to assist a healthy lifestyle. First, let’s develop a little more awareness of what adversities a bad chair can mean for your health and how a Herman Miller Aeron office chair can help you avoid them all.

Consequences of a Bad Office Chair

  • Poor Blood Circulation

Studies prove that sitting on office chairs that do not promote good posture leads to poor blood circulation. While standing/moving every 30-60 minutes can lower the risk of decreased blood circulation caused by a bad office chair, the benefits of an ergonomic office chair designed for optimal blood flow is key.

We’ve all heard the statement “you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping” but many of us also spend 1/3 of our lives sitting in an office chair! So for your health alone, paired with duration of your life in the office chair, spending $500-$1000 on a chair is easily justified.

To maintain well-coordinated movement of your body and reduce stress, you must ensure that the office chair you choose is highly comfortable and ergonomically engineered.

  • Poor Brain Health & Lowered Concentration

Spending increased time finding a “comfortable” posture leaves you with little time to focus on your work. You stay distracted, stressed, and devote most of your time adjusting your position in a bad office chair.

Working in a relaxed manner with a perfect posture requires little attention; while stressed spinal nerves can lead to a foggy brain due to low oxygen supply and lack of fresh blood.

  • Shoulder, Back, & Neck Pain

Another severe problem that arises due to sitting on a lousy office chair are posture-related hazards. Forcing yourself to sit in a badly aligned chair makes your backbone less flexible and induces pain in the shoulders, neck, and lower back. Incorrect sitting posture causes compression in the spinal discs that lead to premature degeneration and chronic pain.

If your work schedule includes long hours of sitting, you need to choose a chair designed to prevent back and neck pain.

Buying the Best Office Chair

The outcomes of sitting on the wrong office chair are pretty scary. And nobody wants to suffer from chronic back pain and poor mental health just because of a chair.

It’s clear that the need to buy a comfortable, ergonomic chair must be a priority. The task of selecting an office chair begins here. You need to identify and buy the best office chair out of the many available options for sale!

Most people get overwhelmed when selecting a desk chair. Now the reasons for buying a great office chair have already been made clear in the prior section of this blog post. Thus, our next step in selecting an office chair are reviewing the thousands of peer reviews online.

As stated, after reviewing hours of office chair review videos and best office chair blog posts for you… the clear 95%+ winner was the Herman Miller Aeron.

Voted as one of the best executive chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is an excellent and elite choice as a corporate chair. Its breathable mesh upholstered seat and back along with a set of other differentiating features like durability, adjustability (from the arms, seat height, depth, and recline), and award-winning designs make the Aeron the no brainer office chair top choice:

Key Features of the Best Rated Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

  • Excellent Lumbar Support

A best-seller since 1994, the Aeron chair has grown more competitive in the present times with its voted “Best Lumbar Support System” that eradicates all sitting-related stress.

  • Best Tilt Mechanism

The “Harmonic Tilt” mechanism of the Herman Miller Aeron office chair follows a natural spine curve that adjusts accordingly as you move your back. Herman Miller was awarded the industry-leading Cradle to Cradle V3 Silver Level certification. Make sure to check out the Herman Miller Aeron Chair adjustment guide:

  • Rounded Lip

The remarkable and durable Herman Miller Aeron chair is perfectly shaped to promote an ideal sitting posture. While many office chairs cut off blood flow behind the knee, the Aeron’s rounded lip edges prevent and promote blood flow while seated. Make sure to check out the Herman Miller Aeron size chart as well for optimal sizing:

  • Price Tag

One thing that will catch your attention about the Aeron office chair is the hefty price tag. This top-rated executive chair might seem overpriced to buyers and the expensive price tag puts it out of range for many.

But we found a way for all those who care about their health and comfort to purchase a discounted Herman Miller Aeron chair. The key to obtaining a cheap Herman Miller Aeron office chair is buying REFURBISHED. As you can imagine, many startups and businesses buy this #1 rated office chair, but when they go out of business, they sell these chairs to refurbishing companies to recoup some of their costs. Buying used Herman Miller chairs will get you the comfort/ergonomics you want for the price you can afford!

(used Aeron chair in the video above from

Should I Buy a Herman Miller Aeron Used Office Chair? The Pros and Cons

We’ve laid out why the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is the clear winner when it comes to the best ergonomic office chairs and why buying a used Aeron makes sense with its long-lasting, award-winning durability tests. But now we want to put the #1 refurbished office chair company to the test:

If you are questioning the quality and effectiveness of a used Aeron chair, the following are the pros and cons of buying a second-hand chair to assist you in making an easy decision.


  • Cost-Effective

The most enticing aspect of buying a used Aeron chair is the reduced costs. When you buy a refurbished chair, you choose to save an immense amount of money. New office chairs like a Herman Miller Aeron are priced way out of the range for many. Rather than buying a new Aeron chair, buy a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron office chair and enjoy the much more affordable price tag.

Make sure to sign up for Seating Mind’s latest coupon codes and office chair deals at:

  • Full Herman Miller Collection

Even though the internet has spoken, and the Herman Miller Aeron is clearly the #1 rated office chair, Seating Mind offers nearly the entire Herman Miller collection for you to choose from:

  • 12-Year Warranty

The refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair comes with a 12-year warranty. The warranty covers the entire chair’s mechanics for 12 years from the date of purchase.

  • Office Chair Upgrades allows you to upgrade your office chair as you wish! Upgrades include: Arm Pads, Casters, Headrests, Material choices, Chair Size choices, Color choices, and Type of chair (Adjustable, Basic, Drafting, Fully Adjustable, Side Chair)

  • Quantity Discounts

Are you looking to order office chairs in bulk for your own office? Seating Mind offers quantity discounts! Quantity Discount Form:

  • Sustainability & Planet Saving

Buying a used office chair signifies an eco-friendly move. Your choice of buying a used chair increases its life, thereby reducing the amount of waste furniture reaching landfills.

  • Support Local Business

Choosing to buy used chairs from local businesses like encourages them to provide more quality products at better prices which is only possible if preferred by the buyers over buying new or from giant corporations like Amazon.

The monopoly retailer Amazon has ended numerous small businesses. Amazon’s unfair practices cause small businesses to either close or suffer great economic losses. educates the masses on how the e-commerce giant Amazon has hurt so many small retailers.


The only disadvantage of buying a used chair is that you’ll miss out on the certain feelings that come with buying a new product. That’s it! offers a 12-year warranty, the exact same length warranty Herman Miller offers!

Make a healthier choice for your work life and an economically smart choice for your budget. Buy a used Herman Miller Aeron office chair from and enjoy all these benefits at an affordable price tag!

Should I Buy a Herman Miller Aeron Used Office Chair?

In short, YES!

There is no reason to spend over $1500 on a new Herman Miller Aeron office chair when sells a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair for a low as ~$500! Plus, the strict, high-quality refurbishing process requires helps put you at ease when buying a used Herman Miller Aeron chair.

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