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Facebook Ads for Affiliate Links

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

To save you the time of reading this blog post, affiliate marketing and Facebook ads can be boiled down to one sentence. DO NOT USE AFFILIATE LINKS IN YOUR FACEBOOK ADS!

Simple as that! So how can you use Facebook ads for marketing your affiliate link you ask? Create a website or landing page that includes your affiliate link, then drive users to that URL with Facebook ads.

Facebook just doesn’t want their feed to turn into a spam-filled, Amazon Associates affiliate link, ad platform. Facebook prefers BRANDS advertising on their platform… hence why you can drive a user to your website via a TRAFFIC objective Facebook ad, then you can describe on the landing page WHY they should CLICK TO LEARN MORE, etc call to actions to get the user to click on your affiliate link.

Affiliate Link Landing Page Example

One of our first affiliate marketing offers we promoted via Facebook ads (we used a TRAFFIC objective campaign and TARGETING people interested in “woodworking”) was a

Woodworking Plans bundle.

By targeting users on Facebook interested in woodworking and offering the VALUE PROPOSITION of “15,000+ woodworking plans” in our ad, we got a TON of sign ups which helped us make a profit that was greater than our Facebook ad spend.

This woodworking plan bundle was an info product found on ClickBank, a leading affiliate marketplace.

Don’t Have a Website?

If you do not have a website, you can use a tool like as a place to track with the Facebook pixel, build audiences, and more… but never have to own/build a website. We suggest driving people to relevant content on HIGH authority websites like Forbes.

Affiliate Marketing 101

  • Step #1 – Master Affiliate Marketing

Take our free Affiliate Marketing courses at:

  • Step #2 – Find Affiliate Offers

Next, you need to find products and services you want to promote for a commission (i.e. affiliate links). Here is a full list of the best affiliate marketing platforms (like ClickBank we used in our affiliate example above):

We at Coursenvy actually offer our own affiliate marketing option for our students. Check it out at:

Continue Learning

Get access to ALL of our top-rated Facebook Ads and online marketing courses at: Join our FREE Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies

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