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College Alternative

The #1 Rated College Alternative

  • Each Coursenvy course is designed to prepare students for specific, high-growth fields.

  • Our highly specialized curriculums are developed with industry experts to give you the skills and experience you need to succeed.

  • In addition to launching your career in high growth industries, we equip you with universally desired skill sets for growing any business!

I grew up on a farm and money was always tight, so my dad told me to start a business. I loved the idea of making money, but I had no idea what to do. So my first businesses were pretty odd to say the least (including selling mini hay bales, door-to-door organic egg sales, and Hot Wheels flipping on eBay… the list goes on!)

My entrepreneurial bug didn’t go away once I graduated high school… in college I learned how to code so I started to build eCommerce and affiliate marketing websites (which ended up paying for my bachelor’s degree!)

Now over two decades later I have built the courses I wanted as a student 🤓 …all bundled into what I call the modMBA!

In the first module of the modMBA is my “Business Idea to Launch Bootcamp”… this teaches you how to come up with a business idea, conduct market analysis, create a business plan / business model, and business pitch… then our capstone project is pitching your business idea to your peers!

Now like I said, I created this with a young me in mind… so besides the “Business Idea to Launch Bootcamp” included with this modMBA bundle, there are also 15+ other courses… teaching everything from Social Media Marketing, to Creating a Website, to Selling on Amazon, to Email Marketing, to Starting an Ad Agency, to eCommerce, to SEO, to Facebook Ads Mastery, to Investing in Stocks and Real Estate, and more!

✅ EVERYTHING I WISH I WAS TAUGHT IN COLLEGE! Besides all of these courses, we also offer you a PRIVATE SUPPORT COMMUNITY (including myself responding to questions daily)!

By the way, over 400,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ happy students have already enrolled in our top-rated, college alternative, Coursenvy courses! And the best part is that you will be gaining an education from our constantly updated content that my current students (some even up to age 60+) have already tested and used to create 7+ figure businesses. Besides students seeking a college alternative, our current students include marketing managers, CEOs, small business owners, and more… ALL looking for that competitive edge!

Our modMBA college alternative program gives students a DEBT-FREE education option that will give you a leg up in life… whether if you want a career or to start your own business. The modMBA is an MBA alternative program (100% online) that enables ANYBODY to launch/grow a business. This program focuses on teaching marketing strategies to increase sales and reach more customers, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Our modMBA “College Alternative” program enrollment is EXTREMELY limited. All of our students are either via referral or by request with the application below!

With so many students today owing over $100,000 in college debt, we said enough is enough! Our modMBA program includes access to all our Coursenvy courses (a $5,353 value), which will upskill you for an in-demand career or growing your own business!

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