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Best Online MBA Alternative

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Looking for the best online MBA alternative? The modMBA gives you an unaccredited MBA-level of experience, all online! The modMBA is a modern approach to the traditional MBA. You will learn how to grow and scale your business with proven, real world tools and strategies.

This online workshop is for individuals who want to not only excel in business, but in life!

While you won’t earn a Master of Business Administration degree, you will learn nearly everything taught in an MBA program and much more!

The modMBA isn’t your typical online course… think of this workshop more as a vehicle for changing your personal and professional life for the better!

This program cuts through the “fluff and fillers” of typical courses, teaching you the real life lessons you need to be successful in business.

Unaccredited MBA

We need to note that the modMBA is an informal, unaccredited workshop. The modMBA is not a licensed educational institution, nor are is it an accredited post-secondary school offering you a degree. Sorry, you don’t get to wear a fun cap and gown! If you need an official course credit and the letters M.B.A. behind your name… this workshop isn’t for you!

With that said…

Do you NEED an MBA degree?

Our answer here at Coursenvy is… MAYBE?!

1) If you are a working professional that is offered tuition reimbursement by your employer and have a guaranteed salary increase with letters behind your name… YES, go get your masters degree from an accredited educational institution for $20k-$150k!

2) If you don’t have the monetary incentive on the table for an accredited MBA, but still want to put yourself in a position to be making more money and to surpass your competition and/or co-workers… then the modMBA is for you!

Why the modMBA?

What’s Included with the modMBA?

Here is why we think the modMBA is the best online MBA alternative… the 100’s of hours of content included in the modMBA workshop:

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