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Best Facebook Ad Examples

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Creating Facebook ad copy that converts is no easy task… that is why we wanted to supply you with the BEST Facebook ad copy examples we could find!

Before we get to our list of ad copy examples, I wanted to cover some principles and best practices of Facebook ad copy creation.

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Facebook Ad Copy Best Practices

Now I want to cover ALL my best practices for copywriting I use for my clients daily! Remember what Facebook is… it is a SOCIAL NETWORK. People don’t want to be bombarded with ads selling them STUFF!

The More Facebook Targeting You Use… The More Narrow Your Audience… The More You Can Speak DIRECTLY To Them!

Let that soak in… Think about it, say your target market it recently engaged couples, WE CAN TARGET THAT AUDIENCE AND SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THEM! At the AD SET level of your Facebook ad, under DETAILED TARGETING, type in “engaged” then select the “recently engaged” relationship status option. Once on the AD level and you are creating your ads text and headline, SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THEM! State what you know about them!

EXAMPLE: “Congrats on getting engaged!”

What is your niche? No matter what it is, you can market directly to your end customer with Facebook ads! Yes, they may be creeped out for a second that you know they are engaged, but they will quickly get over it once they see the amazing products/services that you are marketing to them! If your product/service is a true solution to their problem (i.e. honeymoon ideas, local wedding reception options, wedding bands, etc.) this highly targeted user should be more receptive to your ad.

Rather than ONE generic ad to an audience, create many small HIGHLY targeted ads speaking DIRECTLY to each customer. For example, targeting women on Instagram… “Hey girl, I know your IG feed can be flooded with ads, but we think our XYZ is worth a second look!”

Split Test Split Test Split Test!

Did I mention split test?! Once you have the most engaging video or highest clicked image determined, it is time to split test your ad copy!

Too many of my students just split test the visual, then call it a day. NO NO NO! Your Facebook ad text and headline is SO important and well worth a few days of split testing!

Give Only ONE CTA (Call-To-Action)

So many of my students want so many things from their audience… sign up for my newsletter, like this, buy my XYZ… it is exhausting your customers!

In each ad copy you write, be clear on the SINGLE call-to-action you want! It can be as simple as a request for engagement, such as “Comment your favorite color below”, to as specific as “Use the coupon code COURSENVY50 for 50% off today only at

BONUS TIP – If you’re selling a product/service… be upfront about the costs! Think about it… you can save on the costs per click if you let them know right in your ad copy that you XYZ costs $XX.

Keep it Short n’ Sweet

People’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller! Don’t blab on and on with your ad copy! Get to the point and use simple language while doing it.

  1. What are you selling? What potential value are you bringing this user?

  2. What problem does your product solve for this user?

  3. What is your call to action?

Cover these points in a clear and concise manner… and you will be ahead of most of the Facebook ad copy out there!

The Best Facebook Ad Examples

Now is the time! We scraped the internet for you to present you with only the 8 BEST Facebook Ad examples and resources we could find… here they are:

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