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Best Crypto Wallet

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Looking for the best crypto wallet of 2022? We have reviewed all the cold storage wallets available and have found the best hardware wallet for you!

Before we dive in, we want to make sure you understand cryptocurrencies fully. So we are offering our $197 Cryptocurrency Mastery course for FREE for a limited time at:

The Best Crypto Wallet + Top-Rated Hardware Wallet

After reviewing all the cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market, including the KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger brands… a clear winner emerged. The Ledger Nano X (partner link):

How to Setup the Ledger Nano X?

Why the Ledger Nano X?

So while all the crypto wallets provided the value of keeping my cryptocurrency safely stored offline, the Ledger Nano X was just the easiest to use and offered storage of the most crypto coins and tokens!

Ledger Nano X Tutorial - How To Setup Device - Beginners Guide


hi guys thanks for tuning in to another

episode of nuggets news today i'm going

to show you how to set up the new legend

nano x now this is the latest product

from ledger it's got a number of

upgrades from the older model ledger

nano s which i'm sure a lot of you guys

have probably used but the main upgrades

are the larger digital display the two

buttons on the front rather than on the

top it's a little bit more sturdy a bit

heavier but the actual number of

applications that you can install is

greatly increased so the old ledger used

to get full with you know three or four

applications wallets and that's no good

if you've got lots of different

cryptocurrencies so what they're saying

is the new one can fit over a hundred

there so i'm going to walk you through

how to set all this up make sure you've

purchased one off the official website

you don't want to buy one second hand

there's plenty of scammers out there

trying to take advantage of you make

sure it comes in its original packaging

when you get it i've just taken it out

of the case here today guys it's got all

the usual bits and pieces it does have

that cord if you want to connect it to

your computer as i'm going to do today

but it does have bluetooth enabled so

the next thing you need to do is install

the ledger live app download that from

the official led your website onto your

computer or you can actually get the

ledger live app on your phone and then

pair it with bluetooth

and use it that way but i still think

the best way to do it is setting this up

on your computer so once you have

downloaded ledger live just open that

and we're going to click on get started

this is where you can restore it from an

old device if you've written down your

words and you've got that backup phrase

stored safely you lose your ledger it

breaks for whatever reason or you just

want to import you know your old ledger

information and wallets onto the new one

this is where you can restore at this

point but for the purpose of this

tutorial let's just initialize this as a

new device

so we want to click on the legendary x

that we've purchased today and click on

continue and now this is going to ask us

to go over to our device and start to

set this up by choosing a pin number so

i'm just going to use the right button

here to cycle through it's just going to

take you through those instructions that

i just explained then and tell you that

you know you hold down both buttons to

click on confirm

and cycle through so i'm going to click

on both buttons here where it says setup

as new device

and it's going to ask me to choose a

four or eight digit pin number

so i'll just select that now guys

everything i do here i will reset at the

end of this video so none of what i'm

showing you now these backup words and

pin numbers and passwords you never want

to share that information with anyone

you just want to confirm that pin number

a second time there

and now it's going to ask you to write

down this recovery phrase now this is

really important that you write it down

in the correct order these 24 words it's

the most important thing this is the

final backup if something goes wrong and

you lose your ledger to restore all your


okay once i've written down those 24

words in order safely on my recovery

sheet there it's just going to ask me to

confirm them again so i do have to cycle

through in order and this is going to

take a little while again guys but i'll

edit that out for you okay once i've

re-entered those 24 words it's going to

say processing and tell me that that's

all been done correctly so now i want to

head back over to the ledger live app

and click on continue so have you

written down your recovery phrase did

you choose your pin number yourself it's

just going to double check you've done

all those things properly

it's then going to tell me that my

device is genuine from ledger just in

case you were not sure

and hopefully this gives me the all

clear and then we can start installing

those apps for the different

cryptocurrencies that we want to add on

to the device

okay so let's click on continue here

this is just optional to set up another

layer of security so this isn't for the

actual device as such this is another

layer of security on your computer or on

your phone so let's just add another

password there

i don't want to have all these extra bug

reports and analytics i'm not too fussed

about that guys and my device is already

so let's open ledger live that's just

got a warning about investing in

financial risk association with crypto

we know crypto is a risky asset but this

is where we open our manager to install

the app and then once we've installed

the app we can add an account

so to start off with let's install the

bitcoin app now this is a bit like

downloading an app onto your phone but

once we download the app we need to add

an account which is an address for our

bitcoin so just because we've got

the app doesn't mean that we've actually

got account set up and i think that

two-step process confuses a lot of

people there so we have installed

bitcoin and that is going to pop up

straight away on the screen on our

ledger there we've got the uh bitcoin

app now installed we can go through

install all your favorite

cryptocurrencies i'm just going to

install bitcoin and ethereum for the

time being to show you how this works

nice and quick a lot faster than the

older device you're only about 10

seconds to install these apps

and now i've got the ethereum app pop up

on my digital display as well so let's

head over to accounts and let's add an


so we've obviously installed the bitcoin

app and now we want to create a bitcoin

account so let's just

type bitcoin there

choose what the asset that we want

and then it's going to ask me to

navigate to my bitcoin app on the

digital display and then click on both


okay let's click on continue there and

it's just going to sync up

this shouldn't take too long but the

first time you do it will take a little

bit longer than when you revisit it a

second time it's just setting up a

bitcoin account for you and address

now this is just going to call it

bitcoin segwit for

by default and all segwit means if you

need all this is

the latest uh updated version of bitcoin

i guess you can think of it as it's

still just bitcoin plain old bitcoin

okay so we've successfully added a

bitcoin account let's add another one

the other app we installed which was


now if i try and add litecoin for

example it's not going to let me add a

litecoin account because i haven't

installed the litecoin app yet

with the manager here in the ledger live

so the litecoin app isn't on my device


so once i have got that again we just

want to navigate over to the ethereum


two buttons should say application is

ready and it's going to connect here

okay again this is just going to

synchronize with the ethereum blockchain

and create an address for me let's just

call that one ethereum one and add that


okay so we've added the bitcoin and

ethereum app to our device and now we've

created accounts in our ledger live

manager over here so what we can do now

is click on bitcoin for example and

click on receive so it's going to ask us

to go into that bitcoin app again so we

just want to scroll across to the

bitcoin app and press both buttons

so once this does open up it's just

going to ask us to verify the address on

our device so click on continue it's

going to pop up your bitcoin address

there and it's going to have the same

address on the display screen here so

for example if you're new to all this

and you've just bought some

cryptocurrency for the first time this

is now the address that you want to send

the bitcoin to so it can be safely

stored on your device rather than the

exchange so we can copy and then you

would paste it for example to the

exchange or wherever you are sending

your bitcoin from so let's click on

approve and we know that that is all

good to go

let's do the same thing again and show

you how to set that up so we want to

click on ethereum we don't have any

crypto assets yet so it's going to ask

us to go over to our ledger connect our


again open up the ethereum app

click on continue

and then let's get an address so that's

our ethereum address

that should start with 0x for example

and let's just verify that is the same

address here click on approve on our

ledger and now we've got a bitcoin and

an ethereum address set up in our

accounts where we can send our

cryptocurrency to so that process is

exactly the same whether you're doing

you know eos cardano neo you just go

into the manager

you install more apps and then you

create an account you can call them what

you want with the different

cryptocurrency wallets and then you

generate those address to store it

safely so hopefully that's a good nice

easy explanation

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