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90% of the Time You'll Spend With Your Parents is Over

Updated: Aug 25

By age 18, once you graduate high school and leave home for college, 90% of the time you'll spend with your parents is over.

"You probably never thought about this, but around 90% of the time that you will have spent with your parents was done from the ages of 0 to 18." — Donn Felker

Before you know it, those people we call parents — who raised us, loved us during the good and bad times, and brought us into this world — will be gone. The point of this fact is not to be depressed by it; it’s to understand it so that we can spend more QUALITY time with our parents!

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And make sure to check out this blog post for great visuals of time and how many events you have left in your life, i.e. a wake-up call to cherish your friends and loved ones and to not WASTE a minute of your most important asset, TIME!

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