Helium10 is a suite of Amazon software that helps Amazon sellers find high ranking keywords, identify trends and products to sell, spy on Amazon competitors, optimize product listings, and increase Amazon sales exponentially!

Helium 10 is truly my ALL-IN-ONE tool for EVERYTHING Amazon, so we at Coursenvy have partnered with Helium10 to give all our students (and readers) a FREE ACCOUNT! Just click the button below to join via our special affiliate link!

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Helium10 Amazon Software Options

Amazon Product Research Tool = Blackbox

With Helium10 Blackbox, Amazon sellers can find truly any kind of product they want to sell based on the criteria they set.

Amazon Product Research Tool (Chrome Extension) = Xray

With the Helium10 Xray Chrome Extension, Amazon sellers can research product data and sales volume right on Amazon.com in their Chrome browser.

Amazon Keyword Research Tool = Magnet

With Helium10 Magnet, Amazon Sellers can perform a deep dive on products and seed keywords to find the best keywords for their product listings.

Amazon Reverse ASIN Keyword Lookup Tool = Cerebro

With Helium10 Cerebro, Amazon Sellers can discover their competition’s keywords.

Amazon Keyword Processor Tool = Frankenstein

With Helium10 Frankenstein, Amazon Sellers can process a list of thousands of keywords (removing duplicates, etc.), down to enough to plug into their Amazon product listings backend “search terms” field.

AmazonKeyword List Optimization Tool = Scribbles

With Helium10 Scribbles, Amazon Sellers can add the best keywords to their Amazon Seller Central product listings totally optimized for text field lengths.

Amazon Product Rank Tracking Tool = Keyword Tracker

With Helium10 Keyword Tracker, Amazon Sellers can keep a log of changes you have made in your keyword optimization efforts.

Amazon Keyword Index Checker Tool = Index Checker

With Helium10 Index Checker, Amazon Sellers can see which of their keyword search terms for their product are being indexed by Amazon.

Amazon ASIN Fraud Monitoring Tool = Hijacker Alert

With Helium10 Hijacker Alert, Amazon Sellers can monitor ASINs to ensure that nobody else is selling your private label products.

Amazon Inventory Protection Tool = Inventory Protector

With Helium10 Inventory Protector, Amazon Sellers can guard against discount and coupon scammers.

Amazon Inventory Reimbursement Tool = Refund Genie

With Helium10 Refund Genie, Amazon Sellers can locate lost or damaged inventory that can be reimbursed by Amazon.

Amazon Product Trend Finder Tool = Trendster

With Helium10 Trendster, Amazon Sellers can analyze products they’re considering sourcing to determine their seasonality.

Amazon Keyword Misspelling Tool = Misspellinator

With Helium10 Misspellinator, Amazon Sellers can find common misspellings people type into Amazon and add those keywords to their product listing backend search terms.

Helium 10 Pricing

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