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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Helium10 is a suite of Amazon software that helps Amazon sellers find high-ranking keywords, identify trends and products to sell, spy on Amazon competitors, optimize product listings, and increase Amazon sales exponentially!

Helium 10 is truly my ALL-IN-ONE tool for EVERYTHING Amazon, so we at Coursenvy have partnered with Helium10 to give all our students (and readers) a FREE ACCOUNT!

Helium10 Amazon Software Options

Amazon Product Research Tool = Blackbox

With Helium10 Blackbox, Amazon sellers can find truly any kind of product they want to sell based on the criteria they set.

Amazon Product Research Tool (Chrome Extension) = Xray

With the Helium10 Xray Chrome Extension, Amazon sellers can research product data and sales volume right on in their Chrome browser.

Amazon Keyword Research Tool = Magnet

With Helium10 Magnet, Amazon Sellers can perform a deep dive on products and seed keywords to find the best keywords for their product listings.

Amazon Reverse ASIN Keyword Lookup Tool = Cerebro

With Helium10 Cerebro, Amazon Sellers can discover their competition’s keywords.

Amazon Keyword Processor Tool = Frankenstein

With Helium10 Frankenstein, Amazon Sellers can process a list of thousands of keywords (removing duplicates, etc.), down to enough to plug into their Amazon product listings backend “search terms” field.

Amazon Keyword List Optimization Tool = Scribbles

With Helium10 Scribbles, Amazon Sellers can add the best keywords to their Amazon Seller Central product listings totally optimized for text field lengths.

Amazon Product Rank Tracking Tool = Keyword Tracker

With Helium10 Keyword Tracker, Amazon Sellers can keep a log of changes you have made in your keyword optimization efforts.

Amazon Keyword Index Checker Tool = Index Checker

With Helium10 Index Checker, Amazon Sellers can see which of their keyword search terms for their product are being indexed by Amazon.

Amazon ASIN Fraud Monitoring Tool = Hijacker Alert

With Helium10 Hijacker Alert, Amazon Sellers can monitor ASINs to ensure that nobody else is selling your private label products.

Amazon Inventory Protection Tool = Inventory Protector

With Helium10 Inventory Protector, Amazon Sellers can guard against discount and coupon scammers.

Amazon Inventory Reimbursement Tool = Refund Genie

With Helium10 Refund Genie, Amazon Sellers can locate lost or damaged inventory that can be reimbursed by Amazon.

Amazon Product Trend Finder Tool = Trendster

With Helium10 Trendster, Amazon Sellers can analyze products they’re considering sourcing to determine their seasonality.

Amazon Keyword Misspelling Tool = Misspellinator

With Helium10 Misspellinator, Amazon Sellers can find common misspellings people type into Amazon and add those keywords to their product listing backend search terms.

Helium 10 Pricing

Already selling a ton of products on Amazon and need a professional Helium 10 plan?

Click our coupon code COURSENVY10 for 10% off your monthly bill!

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