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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is Morning Envy? It is one of the best-guided meditation options available for FREE! This is a morning meditation that is all-encompassing for every type of person, every age… literally everyone who uses the Morning Envy routine loves it and benefits from it!

Why in the Morning? Many of our clients and users tell us they “aren’t morning people” and are hesitant about waking up early to start a new daily meditation routine. But our response is always the same…

A) Performing the Morning Envy routine in the morning is a CRUCIAL part of starting your day off on the right foot. Starting your day with first, will start the SNOWBALL of the many other successes you will accomplish throughout the rest of your day.

B) As Tony Robbins said, “If you don’t have 10 minutes for your life, you don’t have a life!” The Morning Envy routine is a less than 10-minute guided meditation!

You really don’t have any excuses! You were already going to be asleep, so I know you have the time available… just look at the 10 minutes of “lost” sleep as the greatest possible investment in yourself!

Take Action! Set your morning alarm for 10 minutes before you normally wake up and bookmark for access to your new daily routine! Once you wake up, don’t waste any time… go to the bathroom, rinse your face, then sit down and begin your Morning Envy routine. The sooner you begin after waking up, the better!

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The Morning Envy Routine

The Morning Envy guided morning meditation is an all-encompassing routine that will improve every aspect of your life. Each segment of this guided meditation builds on the last, preparing you for the perfect day and perfect life!


Have a seat.

Close your eyes.


Now take a deep breath in through your nose, fully expanding your chest. And exhale through your mouth. Count to yourself with each breath in… and out. 1 in. 2 out. 3 in. 4 out. Repeat this for a total of 60 seconds.

Remember to focus on your chest expanding to its fullest. Counting in… and counting out… with each breath.

You may lose count or get distracted by your thoughts, but that’s ok. This time is for you to practice letting your thoughts pass by, while you focus on breathing.

If your mind wanders off, remember… focus on each deep breath into your nose… and out through your mouth. Always return the focus to breathing.

Let any distracting thoughts or emotions pass through your mind as you breathe. Your goal is to channel all these distractions into a river of thoughts and let them flow right by you. YOU are the one in control!

Focus on the rhythm of your breathing.

The rising and falling of your chest.

In… and out.

Take one last deep breath in through your nose… and out through your mouth.


Now keeping your eyes closed, let your breath return to its natural rhythm.

Next, I want you to think of three things you are grateful for. It can be a person, a moment, an experience… anything!

Think of the first thing you are grateful for. It can be as simple as being thankful that you are alive today. THE STATISTICAL ODDS OF BEING A HUMAN are 400 trillion to 1. You might not always like the human being situation you are in, but that is just a limiting belief you have about yourself. YOU being born are the same odds of me winning the lottery 10 times in my life! The fact that you are alive today, listening to this, means that you are 1 in 400 trillion special!

Now think of your second moment you are grateful for. Really step into that memory with your mind and FEEL the gratitude. See and hear that moment. Smile how you smiled that day. Fill yourself up with that gratitude.

Now think of a third thing you could be truly grateful for. Think of anything. It could be from your childhood. It could be from yesterday. Something or someone that gives you tremendous gratitude when you focus on it. See it, feel it, be there. Fill up with gratitude!


Now keeping your eyes closed, begin to visualize the life you want. As Tony Robbins said, “Don’t think about making it happen, see it as DONE!”

What do you want to make happen today, this month, this year? What is your life’s purpose?

Think about all of your goals… personal goals, work goals, every goal you have. Visualize what it will look like when you accomplish your goals. What will it feel like when you reach your goals?

Visualize yourself with everything you have ever wanted.

Now focus on today. Visualize the day going perfectly. You are enjoying your work. You are smiling and laughing with friends or family or your significant other. YOU are enjoying your life!

Imagine yourself accomplishing everything you’ve ever wanted. What will it look like? How will you feel? What experiences, values, possessions, and people do you see?

Visualize every detail you want in your life. Health and fitness, emotions, finances, relationships…

Visualize your perfect life.


Now slowly open your eyes. Blink and let your eyes adjust. Stretch your arms and neck.

Now grab your journal and a pen… or simply open the notes app on your phone.

At this time, I want you to focus on what is most important to you. What you write down should be expressed as a sentence beginning with “I”.

EXAMPLE: I am happier every day! I am healthier in every way! I am a leader! I run XYZ business that earns $XX per month. ***These will change as you grow over time and accomplish everything!***

This is to remind you of how capable YOU really are of accomplishing anything!

WRITE down your goals, your visualized successes, your life purpose, your ideas, your priorities, your affirmations…

By writing these down, we are committing ourselves to these thoughts and therefore increasing our level of internal motivation!

As Muhammad Ali said, “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!”

Write down the results you are committed to creating!

As Steve Jobs said, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” Whenever the answer has been ‘NO’ for too many days in a row, YOU know that you need to change something. Only YOU have the power to pursue whatever you want!

With each statement you write in your journal, your confidence will increase!

Now finish writing your last journal entry for today…

PRO TIP: I like to use S.M.A.R.T. goals! S = Specific (involve a precise number) M = Measurable (capable of being evaluated on results in X days) A = Ambitious (think big, world-changing ideas) R = Realistic (the goal must be realistic and attainable given your current resources) T = Time-Bound (have a set end-date) EXAMPLE S.M.A.R.T GOAL: I will partner with 10 local restaurants that don’t offer catering delivery and 10 local corporate companies by X date (which is 60 days from now). I will provide delivery, setup, and breakdown for lunch catering at these businesses.


Ok, now stand up. Shake out your arms and legs to get your blood flowing again.

Now get down on the floor and do 30 pushups… or as many as you can in the next 30 seconds!

Ready. Begin!

Whether this is your first pushup or if you can do a thousand pushups per day… this is a task I need you to complete, in order to begin the snowball of everything else you WILL accomplish today!

You may be getting tired. You may drop your knees, but push, through!

Come on!

You’ve got it.

Keep going!

Alright, just a few more!

Great job!



Now the last thing I ask of you, before you start your day, is to remember to invest in your personal development daily. Whether that is attending a conference, watching a YouTube tutorial, practicing your skills, taking an online course, or reading a self-help book… you NEED daily personal development!

As Jim Rohn said, “Your level of success will NEVER exceed your level of personal development.”

If you want success in any area of your life, you have to first develop yourself and your skills in that area.

Before you get busy with your day and forget about personal development… I suggest you go grab your morning coffee or tea right now and sit down with a self-help or personal development book of your choice. Even if you only read for 1 minute, you may learn a new idea or concept that you can implement into your day!

I suggest setting a minimum goal for pages to read every day. Reading just 20 pages per day equals about 50 nonfiction books per year! Think about how much you will learn from 50 books in a years time!

The fastest way to achieve success is to model successful people who have already done what you want to accomplish; which can easily be done by reading these successful people’s books, biographies, taking their courses, and so on!

So remember, every day you skip this routine, or skip working out, or snooze your alarm, or skip your personal development… Every choice you make is a step toward the identity you WILL become! You may know someone in your life who says “someday… someday I will pursue my dream!” So… how is that CHOICE to delay their dreams working out for them?

Choose to start today! Eliminate “I have to” from your vocabulary and replace it with “I choose to”. Everything in your life is a choice… so choose to live your best life!


Congrats! You’ve completed the Morning Envy routine! Now go take this momentum into your day!

Make sure to share with a friend, so you can be each other’s accountability partners on your journey to a successful life!

You are less likely to give up on ANYTHING when you have someone holding you accountable!

#8 – SLEEP

In order to wake up READY to conquer the day, you need a great night of sleep! Now I’m not going to tell you a perfect number of hours of sleep because every body type is different. I know some people who are perfect with 5 hours of sleep, while some need 8 hours minimum! What I will share with you are two things that have helped me dramatically with my quality of sleep.

First, is a continuation of the JOURNALING step from above. We all have so many things we do each day and those things don’t magically stop when you lay your head down on your pillow at night. So what I do is pull up my phone’s note app before bed and write down anything on my mind… this can be to-do lists, concerns, thoughts, goals… ANYTHING! By writing down these thoughts bouncing around my head, I find it extremely helpful for clearing my mind before I go to sleep.

Second, we all stare at too many screens throughout the day. Our bodies were not physiologically made to look at blue light for 8+ hours per day! That is why I use glasses. Blue light blocking glasses are highly effective at blocking the blue light that emits from your TVs, laptops, and mobile phones. Blue light is scientifically proven to disrupt your natural sleep hormones… so that is why I choose to block it as often as possible throughout the day with blue light glasses.

Share Your Success

It takes an average of 30 days to create a new habit, such as listening to and practicing this Morning Envy routine every morning for 10 minutes, without missing a day. So now your task is to go choose your accountability partner to share this with and start the 30-day #MorningEnvy challenge tomorrow morning!

Like yourself, we at Coursenvy are always learning, so we greatly value any and all feedback! Please email testimonials, feedback, and/or constructive criticism to:

And make sure to use the hashtag #MorningEnvy when you share on your social media. Share it with your friends, co-workers, family… everyone will benefit from this life-changing routine!

EXAMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA POST YOU CAN COPY/PASTE: Voted “Best Under 10 Minute Guided Morning Meditation” #MorningEnvy

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