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Morning Envy Downloads

First off… CONGRATS on taking the first step towards a successful life by practicing the Morning Envy routine the first 10 minutes of every day!

Grow Your Accountability Group!

Make sure to share with a friend, so you can be each other’s accountability partners on your journey to a successful life!

You are less likely to give up on ANYTHING when you have someone holding you accountable!

And make sure to use the hashtag #MorningEnvy when you share with friends, co-workers, family… everyone will benefit from this life-changing routine!

EXAMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA POST YOU CAN COPY/PASTE: Voted “Best Under 10 Minute Guided Morning Meditation” #MorningEnvy

Download Morning Envy Audio Files

  1. Simply use this link to watch and share the Morning Envy routine on YouTube:

  2. Download the Morning Envy audio file: (right-click, Save link as)

  3. Download the Morning Envy audio file on Soundcloud:

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