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How to Sell on Amazon via Amazon Arbitrage

In our Coursenvy Amazon FBA course (you can join it via our course bundle at we teach you how to create a private label listing on Amazon. This is a product not sold on Amazon so it’s your own unique product… maybe you sourced it on Alibaba from China, obtained your own UPC from someone like, and created your own private label listing on Amazon. But what if you have a product that’s already in Amazon’s catalog such as a product sold at Walmart you bought it for cheaper than it is on Amazon… you want to sell it via arbitrage on that specific Amazon listing.


So what you want to do to add your product is first you want to find that product on Amazon in the Amazon catalog. I know I have some Logitech h390 computer headsets, so I want to search that on Amazon, find the first listing that isn’t sponsored here we go Logitech h390, click on that listing and now as you can see this ships from and is sold by

So to compete with this listing and win the buy box, we’re going to have to do what amazon’s doing at minimum $24.99 price and prime delivery so that means we’re going to have to send it in to amazon fba centers for prime fulfillment or as an fbm fulfilled by merchant mail it expedited to fulfill the prime delivery requirements.

So as you can see let’s scroll down here there are other sellers on this listing new and used from 19 to new at 24.99 so it looks like that 24.95 and amazon fba prime will win us the buy box that means we will be this buy box it’ll be sold by our brand name so to sell this specific listing we need the asin so that’s the amazon seller identification number so to find that that’s under product information about halfway down here product information asin so we’ll copy that head back to amazon now to add products to your account in the top left menu under inventory go to the add a product page so like i said if you’re adding a private label we taught this in our course you’ll click this option but we are selling via amazon arbitrage on this already created listing just as one of the sellers on this listing so head back to add a product paste in that asin and search so here we go popped up we will become one of these sellers so first select the condition i have a new one i bought a pallet of these from walmart sell this product

So i want to give it an internal SKU for myself i know this product number quickly i’ll identify that in my warehouse next i want to input my standard price so i want to beat the current buy box so i want to win the current buy box so that’ll be 24.95 so let’s start with a quantity of one i’m selling on other marketplaces as well so i don’t want to run out so we’ll just test with one condition again it’s new and here’s that option i said is it merchant fulfilled and can i guarantee that i’m going to expedite the shipping to fulfill prime or would i rather mail it into amazon fba and have them fulfill it with the fulfilled by amazon option they are going to take a bigger chunk of the pie a rough estimate 30% of the price goes to them for storage fulfilling it prime and customer service but i’m gonna keep merchant fulfilled on this one as we have the capability to ship things expedited

So we’ll save and finish that to create that listing and as you can see on this manage inventory page we’ve been added to this listing we are now selling our single SKU via this asin this already created amazon listing so that is amazon arbitrage i can sell on top of that and add my specific inventory to that listing and the price i want to sell to that specific listing that is amazon arbitrage so as you can see here’s another arbitrage item that is already sold out availability zero so if i know okay great that one sold i fulfilled it i can add more units right here and maintain the price now say this product isn’t selling the best because it is fbm and it’s not winning the buy box it’s fulfilled by merchant and i want to change it to fba i can just select that product go to the action menu and click change to fulfilled by amazon then that will take you to amazon fulfillment and you’ll ship it in to their specified amazon warehouses which we also discuss and teach in our amazon fba course so that is amazon arbitrage in a nutshell. Buy a product cheaper elsewhere, sell it for a profit on amazon

So for seller fulfilled or fulfillment by merchant products you will need to ship the item once the amazon arbitrage unit is purchased so to buy and print this shipping label again log into your account in the top left menu select orders manage orders by default you’ll be on the seller fulfilled page this is where you will buy the shipping label and see order details for your amazon arbitrage order you can also look at your fba orders these are the orders amazon fulfills ships via amazon prime and manages everything for you so we’ll click on that and you can see all our past orders here that amazon has fully managed for us so we don’t have to do anything here so let’s go back to seller fulfilled orders and as you can see our headset sold already.

This is the power of Amazon! I literally posted this 24 minutes ago for only 5 cents less than the buy box and the product has sold so amazon arbitrage is a great way to make money online so let’s buy that shipping click the order details now we’re on the order details page for this logitech headset so all you need to do is buy that shipping label print it out box up your product and ship it to your customer so let’s click that buy shipping button set your item weight and package information and then buy your shipping label if you’re uncertain of the weight and dimensions of your package you can always weigh and measure it yourself or just open up that listing again under product information product dimensions product weight okay we put in our item weight the packaging dimensions and selected our shipping service so now we just need to buy shipping and send this product to our customer.

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