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How To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life

Step #1 - Subscribe to the great free newsletter where I read this info:

Step #2 - Grab a piece of paper. Write down the values you passionately care about when pursuing projects. Order those values from most to least important.

These are the values I identified:

  • Knowledge — Do you become more knowledgeable and skilled from it?

  • Adventure — Do you accrue novel, memorable experiences?

  • Fame — Do you build an audience you can later leverage?

  • Power — Do you acquire resources and connections?

  • Money — Do you increase your financial wealth?

  • Exercising Talent — Do you leverage your skill and creativity?

  • Human Connection — Do you bond with others?

Becoming very rich is appealing to people who've never actually achieved fulfillment. Had they felt and internalized the joy of accomplishing XYZ value above, they'd optimize for that end goal instead of chasing money!

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