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Free MBA Alternative on YouTube

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Skip the MBA! Take this free MBA alternative on YouTube! Watch these 10 YouTube channels below and save $100,000+ with this online MBA. And make sure to signup for our online course bundle to continue learning!

#1 - Alex Hormozi (@AlexHormozi)

If you want to learn sales or scaling a business, study Alex–he's a master at it. His channel is worth binge-watching and will make you wonder how all this valuable content is free.

#2 - Noah Kagan (@noahkagan)

Noah's channel is filled with interviews with interesting entrepreneurs and business ideas for beginners. He also shares the strategies that have helped him make millions of dollars.

#3 - Y Combinator (@ycombinator)

This channel is a must for anyone interested in startups. You'll learn how to start and run a startup and get advice from Peter Thiel, Brian Chesky, and many more legendary founders.

#4 - Valuetainment (@ValuetainmentTV)

Patrick Bet-David is the business professor we all wished we had. He breaks down companies and business strategies in an educational and entertaining way. He makes learning about business fun.

#5 - Garry Tan (@garrytan)

Garry was a partner at Y Combinator and has invested in over 700 companies so he knows a thing or two about startups. He shares a ton of advice on building businesses, wealth, and a better life.

#6 - Stanford Business (@StanfordGSB)

The Stanford Graduate School of Business channel is a fantastic source of information, featuring talks with titans of business. It's a useful channel for just about anyone doing business anywhere.

#7 - Talks At Google (@talksatgoogle)

A lot of people know about TED Talks, but Google Talks are just as valuable. You can learn from the world's most influential thinkers for free. Take advantage of it.

#8 - Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Gary V is the OG modern business guru. He provides a TON of advice on business, marketing, and social media strategies that will help you start and grow your first business.

#9 - MFM Million (@thesamparr & @ShaanVP)

Sam and Shaan are two entrepreneurs who have both sold 8-figure businesses. They're super smart, insightful, and also hilarious. You'll learn, laugh, and want to go build cool sh*t.

#10 - Pat Flynn (@PatFlynn)

Since 2008, Pat has built several new businesses and has been publicly sharing everything he has learned along the way. He’s an inspiration to all aspiring bloggers, affiliate marketers, and new entrepreneurs.

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