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Affiliate Marketing

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s products or services. You simply sign up for any brand’s affiliate program that you want to promote, then you will receive a unique affiliate URL which you can begin sharing. When any user clicks your special URL and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission!

Affiliate marketing is how I got my start online as an entrepreneur years ago and I still make income from affiliate marketing today by promoting products and services I use and love… to my students!

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When to use Affiliate Marketing?

Whether if you have your own business or if you are just starting out, affiliate marketing should be a revenue stream for you!

My clients often have just a single product or service they sell, but they have a large email list of customers. WHAT AN ASSET! What I always do is tell them to sign up for various relevant affiliate marketing programs so they can promote other brands' products (to their current email list of customers) and earn a commission for each sale!

Obviously, you don’t want to SPAM your email list, so make sure to sign up to promote products that make sense for your customers.

Now if you don’t have a brand or email list, you can still begin with affiliate marketing right away. You just need to sign up for affiliate marketing programs with products/services you want to promote for a commission! Look at yourself as a SALES REP for this brand!

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

One of the biggest affiliate marketing programs I started with (and still use today) is the Amazon affiliate program (properly called Amazon Associates). You can promote and earn a commission for ANY product sold on (we see a great ROI from creating blog posts that are a REVIEW of XYZ product, featuring that product’s affiliate link throughout the post).

Amazon Associates:

Next, I use Commission Junction. You can earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands. CJ truly enables you to promote some of the biggest brand names, BUT you will need a website that has some decent and relevant traffic to get approved by some brands. For example, if I have the website and I wanted to include an affiliate link to a pair of Nike sneakers, you could apply to the Nike affiliate program on Commission Junction and then earn a commission for each sale your website drives to

Commission Junction:

ClickBank is great for beginners as nearly anyone can apply and start promoting affiliate products right away. Clickbank does skew more towards information products (which does allow for higher commissions for you since their is no COGS for the supplier).

As you can see in my ClickBank screenshot below, we sort products to promote by Avg. $/sale with a Gravity of at least 5 (i.e at least 5 successful affiliate sales). Take a look at the best-selling products to get inspired by landing pages that CONVERT!

Now this is just the start of possible affiliate marketing programs. But really, if you love XYZ product, contact them directly to see is they have an affiliate marketing program in place so you can promote their brand and earn a commission for any sales via your special affiliate URL. Even we at Coursenvy have an affiliate program!

Another awesome affiliate program to check out is ClickFunnels. They turn their customers into affiliates DAY 1. ClickFunnels offer affiliates 40% commission on lifetime subscriptions and pitches it as “We’ll Cover The Lease Of Your Dream Car!”

Other Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here is a list of other affiliate marketing programs with products we love promoting for a commission and strategies:

-Search google for “XYZ PRODUCT affiliate program” or “XYZ BRAND affiliate program”

-Rakuten Affiliate Network





Continue Learning

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