Key Takeaways From My Favorite Business Books

Over the years I have read quite a few business books and I actually kept a journal noting key takeaways and gems from a few of them… but sadly the notes didn’t include WHICH concept came from WHICH book! BUT going forward, all nonfiction book summaries on will be book by book blog posts!

So enjoy my stream of consciousnesses notes below:

#1 – 100% INTENTION, 0% mechanism! Getting things done is ALL intention, not HOW you do it. Just do it!

#2 – I CHOOSE TO… no longer “I have to”! Every time I say “I have to” I have made myself a victim seeking a negative payoff (sympathy, being right, rationalization).

#3 – I came from a place of scarcity growing up poor. I have chosen to not let this limiting belief drive my daily actions. I acknowledge I am my own person and will succeed financially in everything I pursue, WITHOUT feeling the need to use others for my personal gain.

#4 – EXPAND your comfort zone… therefore challenging your limiting beliefs!

#5 – Be open to FEEDBACK, it is how you become BETTER!

#6 – What you see as flaws in others, it is actually a MIRROR of yourself. What you THINK is what you GET in return.

#7 – Stop breaking PROMISES. It is eating away at your self-confidence! Have INTEGRITY in all things… you are your word, be impeccable with it!

#8 – EVERYBODY is seeking APPROVAL! Don’t be afraid to take the risk of having a conversation. EACH person you encounter is seeking love and also has a fear of “looking dumb”. Ask questions. Be vulnerable. TAKE RISKS!

#9 – CHOOSE to make eye contact and give love.

#10 – Learn something new daily to help expand your wisdom, but also find the answer to the question “What is my purpose on earth?” Pursue your PURPOSE!

#11 – Take RESPONSIBILITY for your interpretation of the things that happen to you. Don’t be a victim!

#12 – Trust the process! Everything is temporary so don’t resist and have fear, instead surrender and have faith.

#13 – Confront your reality and regularly check in with where you are in all aspects of your life.

#14 – Approach life with ENTHUSIASM! Be infectious and contagiously positive, with a passionate attitude.

Thanks for reading! Now please apply any of these lessons to your life (EVEN JUST ONE)! I also highly suggest you read the blog post How To Learn Something New Every Day as it will really help you learn how to do something with all the data you encounter each day!

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