Track Sales on Amazon + How to Find Top Selling Items on Amazon

A common question we get at Coursenvy is “How can I track sales on Amazon or find what the revenue is for specific products?” or… “How can I find the top-selling items on Amazon?” Great questions! And my same answer always is Helium… not the element, the software! Click this link to download the Chrome extension:

Amazon Product Research Software

After you install the Amazon product research software at the link above, watch the following videos below to learn how to find out what the monthly revenue is for any Amazon product or Amazon search!

How to Use Xray on Amazon’s Best Sellers Pages

How to Filter Helium 10 Xray Results for a Better Product Research Process

How to See Complete Product Details with Xray

How to Focus Product Research by Distinguishing Private Label from Arbitrage

Learn About Helium 10’s Chrome Extension For Amazon Sellers

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